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2021-2022 Transfer Portal Thread

Moose Stuff

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With the rules now in place, I honestly wonder if recruiting high school kids is mostly a total waste of time.

Just focus everything on grabbing kids like this. At least when you sign them you know they aren't going to go somewhere else soon.
Especially kids with 3 years of eligibility

Toad Jones

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Wouldn't it be something..if those OU recruits/transfers collectively decided to come to TCU. Top 10 team before the season even opens'!!!!!!!!!! Dykes team could pull this off you know. If he's anywhere close in personality to his Dad, yes it could happen. West Texas loved, loved Spike Dykes. Spike always reminded me of a guy not many of you know, Will Rodger's.


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Yes, fans loved Spike, but working for him, at least administratively, was an entirely different story, especially if you were a woman (emotionally speaking, not otherwise). This, according to a she-friend of mine.