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2021-2022 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Here are the goals
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  2. Always loved that kid.
  3. Ajax is apparently melting down their championship trophy from this season to create 42,000 “champion stars.” They will be given to season ticket holders as a gesture of gratitude.

    Thought that was kind of cool.
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  5. I stated early on in this saga that I was coming around on the ESL bc, if for no other reason, FIFA seemed to be opposed to it and whatever was bad for FIFA was generally good for me. Now I'm really glad the fan outrage quashed it. FIFA was definitely going to win bigly on the ESL deal.
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  6. ESPN grabbed La Liga.

    As well as live matches, there will be a variety of surround programming such as match previews, highlights, magazine shows and continued coverage on signature ESPN+ shows ESPN FC, Jorge Ramos y su Banda and Fuera de Juego.”

    They said the above about the Bundesliga too when they acquired it and near as I can tell, all that amounts to is one single highlight show and about 4 random classic highlight shows from the 70s. Should’ve never left FOXSports.

  7. just another reason to say scheiss espn.
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  8. I've watched some of that programming for Serie A and it's not bad. Honestly, I don't need any more than what they offer for Serie A in La Liga. I do think I'd watch more Bundesliga programming with so many Americans playing well in Germany. But I'm so damned busy with my own sports and kids' sports on weekends I really don't have any time to watch most of it anyway.
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  9. The Serie A stuff isn’t bad, agreed. But the Bundesliga coverage compared to the shows Fox had is sorely lacking. It’s just frustrating to me is all.
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  10. I liked how Fox put Bundesliga matches on FS1, FS2, and (usually only Der Klassikar, but still) network Fox. ESPN mainly has it hidden on ESPN+. Fox did a great job (plus Kate Abdo).

    Now that ESPN+ will have La Liga…that may push me closer to adding “the bundle” to my Disney+.

    NBC and CBS, though, can take their streaming options scheiss the scheiss off. My EPL consumption will bottom out if they move it all to Peacock after NBCSN shuts down.
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  11. We've got the bundle and I'm quite happy with it. Lots more TCU options as well. I agree that it's frustrating Bundesliga and Serie A matches aren't on regular ESPN stations. Just don't understand the rationale behind hiding all of them behind the pay wall. Seems like you'd build more interest by putting some on the big channels. All that said, if every league is going behind a pay wall I like them all on a streaming service I already subscribe to. I'm not getting Peacock and only have Paramount+ because of my 247 subscription, but I almost never watch it.
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  12. Been quiet for a while
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  13. Sargent had a typically strong performance for Bremen. They never should have lost that one, but Sargent did what he always does. He's such a great target forward. Really shields well, is patient enough to wait for opportunities to make plays/passes, and really facilitates getting the ball into dangerous areas. He really needs to be surrounded by better offensive talent. Their two top goal scorers have 5 on the year.
  14. Big day today for Bournemouth and Barnsley. Rooting for both so we can see Carter-Vickers and Dike battle it out in the promotion playoff final. The 2 leg semi-final matches are today and Saturday. All matches should be on ESPN+ if you have the bundle.
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  15. Bournemouth beat a white hot Brentford today 1-0. That's big not conceding an away goal.

    Barnsley are down 1-0 at half time and have conceded the away goal. They need to have a big 2nd half. Come on Dike!
  16. Saw the Ayew goal, nice goal.

    Really wish Brentford could finally get over the line but looks like they will fail again this year, sadly.
  17. Bournemouth were up 2-0 on aggregate until a red card put them on the defensive. The PK made it 2-1 and it was all Brentford in the 2nd half. They took the 3-2 aggregate lead with under 10 left. So Carter-Vickers is out. Now we'll see if Dike can have success this afternoon.
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  18. Bremen are relegated. Got bludgeoned by Gladbach and Koln scraped out a goal with 5 minutes left to beat Schalke so Koln leapt past Bremen for the relegation playoff spot. I read yesterday that Sargent will likely be sold. Several Bundesliga clubs want him. Probably best for him bc he's not surrounded by a very talented group in Bremen. I bet he'll be a lot more productive with a better supporting cast.
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