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2021-2022 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. The seasons are about to get underway! Who's your favorite team? Who are your picks to win a league? Are they the same teams? My favorite team is Chelsea (as posted in the WC thread), but they are certainly not favorites in the EPL. MNC probably closely followed by Liverpool. It will be interesting to see how RM does in Spain without Ronaldo.

    Edit: Speaking of RM, yah you can have Courtois, but keep your hands off Hazard! Transfer window only has a couple more weeks.
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  2. My North Melbourne Kangaroos are not doing well... Oh, sorry...
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  3. Chelsea is also my favorite team, Portland. Ready for the season to begin. I like that the EPL is closing their transfer window at the start of the season and not at the end of August like everywhere else. Liverpool looks strong, ugh that makes me sick to type, and Man C should once again be up there.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Inter do well and how Serie A will turn out. Juventus with Ronaldo will look to win again but lots of good teams there. Spain and Germany look to be the same but several good storylines.
  4. Looks like it could be Richmond’s year. Maybe the West Coast Eagles although Collingwood isn’t out of it
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  5. COYS!
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  6. Fulham fight!
  7. I'm a Spurs fan also and look for them to finish top 4. With some luck I think they can make some serious noise for hardware. That said, I think Liverpool should probably be the favorite and City a close 2nd.

    I hope Chelsea and Man U get relegated. Since I'm dreaming I also hope City get relegated too.

    ETA: I'd also love to see the Superwhites finish in the top half of the table like that link. The Cottagers should be a staple in the EPL.
  8. I think the Spurs are going to be salty this season and top 4 is very realistic. Sorry, CHE and MU won't be relegated but there is a chance CHE won't make the CL for two years straight (given we don't know how Sarri ball will play out).
  9. Timbers fan?
  10. Cool an EFL thread. I like the Vienna Vikings since I quit following the NFL. Lovely kit and a quality side are the Vikings. Perhaps TB2 and Colby can get back in graces playing here.
  11. Will be in London August 11-16.... any tips on a game to attend??
  12. I thought NFL Europe folded a decade ago...
  13. Where's that knuckledraggin Magpie @satis1103 ?
  14. First week of the season. Good luck finding tickets. Crystal Palace are at Fulham on 8/11 (the first premier league match at Craven Cottage in several years), and Man City are at Arsenal on 8/12. Either would be an amazing experience.
  15. My interests tend to lie with teams with US players. So Dortmund, PSG, Spurs, Schalke.....
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  16. I'd be all over Craven Cottage. Would love to go to that venue. Tom Brown would apparently disagree, but I'd also love to see a game at St. James' Park even though Newcastle fans are the Tech fans of the EPL. Since they open with Tottenham I'd make a point to go up for that one too. Not really close to London, but it's like driving to Norman for a game.
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  17. The biggest newcastle fan i know is the largest tech fan i know.
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  18. Some people are just big boned.
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