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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. It's simple enough for coaches to watch a little film of transfers that you may be interested in or may be interested in you once they actually become available. Not nearly enough there for a full time job unless you're also going to put that person in charge of your entire recruiting evaluation, self scouting, and staff management the way NFL GM's are.
  2. this is where a program with multiple analyst who are constantly breaking down film has an advantage.

    look at the organizational charts for programs like texas, ou, bama, etc....and you will find a number of former coaches who spend a great deal of time breaking down film.

    frogs don't need to be adding another thing on the plate of the coaches as i have been told the frogs staff is more involved in various parts of recruiting than other staffs.
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  3. He’s a NOLA kid so we might have. Connection to him
  4. If his dad is even still employed by February
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  5. I love Jimmy the Jet....get him here.
  6. We could hire someone from the SEC and they could manage talent, film, scout transfer players, and manage the Salary Cap for players salaries.
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  7. My favorite commit in this class...Kid looks like Reagor running the ball.
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  8. Offer out to DE from AL..Kid has quite a few offers for not having played football until last year

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    A few JUCO prospects at defensive positions that have unexpectedly become areas of need:

    CB Emmanuel Appiah-Takyi 6-1/175 Monroe College originally from Oradell, NJ Bergen Catholic offers include Aub and Tenn

    LB Torren Calhoun 6-3/225 Shasta College (Dec graduate) originally played at Arlington Martin

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  11. Seems like we are in the hunt for Garrett Hayes. We have to get kids like that if we want to start competing for championships on a consistent basis.
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  12. 6' corner?

  13. Was a WR prospect out of HS and already has 7 INTs with 125 return yards in 6 games this season. (Posted accidentally before I was finished).

    Qualifiied and December graduate.
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  14. Kid is quiet on his recruiting but CGP hopped over to his game in Athens a few weeks ago in the frog copter and obviously an important visit to TCU. TAMU pressing hard but frogs may be his leader.
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  15. Feel like it’s also important to note that he decided to take an OV to TCU on our bye week instead of going to A&M for the Bama game
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  16. I would guess TAMU wasn't exactly pushing for kids to come down and watch them get violated in a way that is illegal in 13 states by Bama.
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  17. Don’t blame him. Who wants to watch that cupcake?!?
  18. I’ll add both parents went to A&M. They were pushing for a lot of their commits and targets to come with that being their top home game of the year.
  19. How do you think these things became “unexpected needs”? .They both seem quite expected to me....We are definitely going to need some kids who are physically ready to contribute next year
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