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2020 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Can someone explain how Porche is still available?
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  2. no one has drafted him yet so he is still available
  3. Not sure, but that name is prevalent at SMU.
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  4. I have been thinking that for a while.
    Baltimore just drafted him.
  5. Any Frogs drafted today so far?
  6. Darius
    Gaines (?)

    Obviously we are waiting/hoping to hear these guys' names get called.

    On the off-chance anyone is interested - There's a Former Frog out there who also has a fighting chance to get drafted... Tipa Galeai (Utah State). I know he got himself involved in a fracas while in Purple (something he could've easily avoided but...IMO...was overblown by others involved). Hopefully he continues to take his 2nd chance seriously as he's in the mix - Currently Top 30 according to ESPN's BPA Tracker.


  7. Just going off Mel Kiper's "best available" list none of our guys are getting drafted today unless this thing is going a few extra rounds.
  8. Baylor fight you mean?
  9. As a 30 yr NFL draft junkie...it seems like the last round always has a bunch of off the wall picks, who gives a darn, sleeper picks. Hoping Iggy and Sewo fall into that category.
  10. That guy has been wrong a lot. Why don’t you stop being a dream killer. Nobody likes that guy. Just keep your negative opinions to yourself a few more hours and then you can get back a public downer.
  11. upload_2020-4-25_16-59-53.gif
  12. Coming in hot.
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  13. Makes very little difference whether you are 7th round pick or go undrafted. Going undrafted can even be better since you have some say in where you go. Can cherry pick better situations that increase the likelihood of making a team
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  14. Vernon Scott to Green Bay!

  15. good for vernon, he had some struggles early on in his career, but he came out on that end and nice to see that effort rewarded.

    damn shame gaines and lewis couldn't stay healthy
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  16. We always told what a great athlete Vernon was. That awesome!
  17. Nice!!

    If it happens one time - It's nothing.
    If it happens twice in a row - It's a coincidence.
    If it happens 3 times in a row - It's a pattern.
    If it happens after that - IT'S A TRADITION!

    I hope we are starting to see a late-round tradition forming in Green Bay. :cool:

    Congratulations Vernon Scott!!!

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  18. Curious, how long after the draft end do we start seeing the crazy tweets from disappointed Frogs who didn’t get picked. You know the ones like we got from Des White

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