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  1. Well...there you go. Was hoping for someone MLB ready but also saves over 5M on the budget for 2020 that can be used elsewhere. CWS making some bold moves.

  2. With the LA clubs losing out on Cole the price for Rendon just went up. Which also means the price for Donaldson did as well. I guess if the Rangers had to go more than 2 years they could project him at DH for the 3rd and even 4th year.
  3. I could be wrong but I think the price for Bumgarner and Porcello just went up more than the price for Rendon. Both LA teams need pitching.
  4. Was definitely wanting someone closer to MLB ready
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  5. 9 years is a LONG time. Good for him.
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  6. Conceivable he could be ready at some point this year. Walker is a local kid from Prosper (and then OU) FWIW. Great kid, unbelievable head of hair, huge fan of himself. Ranger fans will like him (assuming he hits :))
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  7. I like him and my comment was nothing against him just thought they get something more. Sets up the Rangers for their time frame for sure. Still two years away while expecting to be very competitive this year
  8. And just how much of that $36 mil. a year will New York City/State taxes eat up?
  9. IOW, you have nothing new to report. Great job Kenny.
  10. I like the move w Maz. To me he was clogging up game reps for Calhoun on the OF corners. (And I think Calhoun has a higher ceiling for the Rangers than what Maz has shown or will continue to show)

    If they actually get Rendon like the rumors suggest and they can finally put Odor on the ‘put up or shut up’ plan early in the season, their 1-9 has potential to be really good.
  11. Did you know Willie is younger than Maz?
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  12. So Rendon has always been a stocking stuffer to me. Would have liked to have him but a front-line starter would have been more preferred. They have other options at 3rd so it's not a failure that it couldn't get done. Besides, I like Arte's history with free agents.
  13. It's a failure if Donaldson doesn't get done bc, long-term, he fills a need at DH.
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