1. The KillerFrogs
  1. Willie has lost even more weight. Looking good.

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  2. They weren't kidding that the seats will be closer.

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  3. Deep center is bogger but the lines and power alleys will play smaller. Plus, there should be less foul territory. With no wind the park may play pretty fair.

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  4. Reminds me of Twins layout
  5. The Oilers? That's a tribute to the 1970s Rangers.

  6. Baby blues for Sunday home games.
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    That’s the joke. I’m just having fun with Rangers fans since I know they don’t like Houston.

    I do appreciate the Rangers copying the Astros with everything they’re doing now though... building a retractable roof stadium and now bringing the throwback unis back into the fold as part of their standard look. It’s smart.
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  8. don't recall powder blue hats
  9. Hopefully they start cheating too and install cameras in the outfield so they can stop sucking.
  10. What will happen to those teams if a salary cap is ever implemented
  11. Got it. Now I hope they copy the Astros and sign some legit starting pitchers.
  12. The players union would rather sit for 2 straight seasons than allow a salary cap.
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  13. not only that, mlb has no interest in trying to change the competitive structure of their game and when the dodges make over $200M in annual local tv revenues, and angles/ yankees are north of $100M those schools have money to burn.
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