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    All this just goes to show the limitations of MLB's investigation.

    We mostly only know what we know due to Fiers..but he hasn't been in Houston for two seasons.

    Whether this particular allegation is true or not, does anybody think the Astros players stopped trying to look for advantages or ways to cheat when Cora and Beltran left?

    I doubt we ever learn most of the cheating that goes on in baseball...because it requires people who are/were on the inside to talk, and there's few willing to do it, and almost nobody is willing to put their names to it like Fiers did.

    I think MLB has to crack down on the technology in the game....get the iPads out of the dugouts and tighten up the replay review systems.
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  2. Agreed. I think they need to do away with the replay room entirely. If the managed thikgs it was a bad call, then challenge it. I hate when the stand for a 30 seconds, look into the hallway, wait 20 more seconds, and then finally decide to challenge or not. Challenge the play or don't. Keep the game moving and get the TVs/iPads out of the dugout, hallways, locker rooms.
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  3. It’s not verified, no. But picture Altuve basically imploring his teammates not to rip off his jersey after the HR off Chapman and then his BS excuse about his wife not liking it when they rip off his jersey.......
  4. This. Is. Awesome. I love scandals and this is juicy.
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  5. I love the fact that the Bernstein and Woodward of this scandal is a dude named "Jomboy".
  6. I'm a yankee fan. Chapman gave up 3 HR's all year. Joke
  7. Darn Altuve. Darn the Astros. Darn Houston. Burn. Burn it all down. scheissheads.
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  8. Fact
  9. Never, not once, did he bet against his own team. Pete was a winner and the ultimate competitor. #puthimin
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  10. Photos of Reddick with the buzzer now. They are gone.

    Bregman is an A-1 [ Arschloch]. Bye bye [ profanity ] bags.
  11. That Trout rumor wouldn't be shocking. I've said a few times recently that I think baseball is dirtier now than it was when Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Clemons, etc. were juicing. I really think these recent power numbers are less ball related and more juice related.
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