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2020 Dalton Watch

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. To your point, this exact situation happened last ysar, Cleveland v. Pitt; Cleveland player goes after Steelers backup; here's the center afterwards--when asked about consequences for him, the center, Pouncey, stomping on the Cleveland player, he says "at this point who cares?":

  2. Bud Dupree did kinda the same thing to Miami QB a few years ago, and somewhat of a brawl erupted:

  3. Andy almost killed today. Dirty hit.
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    If I’m Andy, I see no upside to playing another down in Dallas. He’s set financially and should protect himself from further injury. The paycheck isn’t going to make or break him. Hang it up. There are zero reasons to play for a spare team that has zero interest in being his teammates before or after that cheap shot yesterday. Or play for an owner who just last week seemed to blame Andy for the team’s complete ineptitude in all phases. The only Dallas person I’ve seen in the media defend Andy after the hit is the head coach. I won’t count Zeke’s response as anything but apathetic. Save yourself Andy. Don’t place your trust in these people.
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    Come coach the Frogs QB's and tell Jerry to shove it where the sun don't shine.


    Thinking about it on Monday morning, ejection, suspension, and a fifteen yard penalty are not enough.

    No local government is going to prosecute a player for assault. They should, but they won't.

    If the hit is severe enough, Refs should have the option to call the game and award a forfeit to the victimized team.

    If a brawl ensues, that game and one more.

    I noticed the Washington team seemed fine with the hit as well as AD's Cowboy teammates.
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  6. "No local government is going to prosecute a player for assault. They should, but they won't.

    If the hit is severe enough, Refs should have the option to call the game and award a forfeit to the victimized team. "

    please tell me this is hyperbole on your part
  7. If the NFL wants to end these types of dirty plays, Bostic should be suspended as long as Dalton is out recovering. There’s a difference between a big clean hit that causes injury, and a dirty hit that violates rules that could potentially end AD’s career.

    If AD never plays again, Bostic’s career should be directly tied to that as well.
  8. this is one of those situations you have to wonder if the nflpa really wants to defend the player when he appeals the penalty / fine they are going to be hit with by the league
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  9. The Dallas possession before the Big Hit, Andy was sacked after a defender blew right through the worthless EE and pushed him into the arms of another defender. 10 yard loss. Punt. After they came off the field, Andy took the time to go over and holler at the O-line sitting on the bench, exhorting them to try harder, etc. He was treated with indifference.

    Sort of puts the post-Hit indifference in perspective: They don't care. And they really don't like being called out for their apathy.
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  10. All of this.
  11. AD had solid play around him coming into immediate relief of Dak, with outstanding receptions by Gallup. In Dalton's two starts since, while AD has been servicable, the combo of poor blocking, fumbles, and ridiculous dropped passes has been shocking.
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  12. 20201026_093913.jpg
    Sounds like some [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] to me.
  13. Well. Isn't that the very model of consistency from the execrable Roger Goodell.

    I don't believe there is any doubt that had that been Tom Brady, or Scam Newton on the receiving end of that late hit, that the announcement that Bostic would have been suspended indefinitely and fined into penury would have been issued before the end of the game. I imagine they'd have probably fined the DC and anyone standing too close that might have stopped him just for good measure. A memo would have gone out to all NFL broadcast "partners" to excoriate Bostic and praise the steadfastness and constancy of the League and it's beloved Commissioner in stamping out naughtiness.
  14. cam actually has been open season for his career which is one reason why he has gotten beat to crap

    doesn't the league have a structured fine / penalty system in which these are basically predetermined
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  15. If he can lead them to the Super Bowl he has 3 million reasons to play...
  16. It's still subjective, as the lack of fines and suspension illustrate.

    Perhaps Scam was a bad choice of example. Mahomes would probably be a better one, as he is the darling du jour...
  17. mahomes and many of the very mobile quarterbacks do raise an issue that comes up time and time again on the hitting of quarterbacks outside the pocket in the nfl.

    andy's case is clear cut in that it was a blatant illegal hit and there was no purpose for it on the field.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. My interest in the NFL has been dropping over the years. If Bostic doesn't receive a significant suspension, I'm done for the year; maybe for good. And EE is a POS person; I don't care to hear his thoughts pertaining to anything.
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  20. This is funny

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