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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. This will be aired tonight on CBS Sports channel at around 8 or so in case anyone is interested.

    It’s like 1993 again with Champions League coverage, sigh.
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  2. I watched the first half. We put the kids to bed and I turned on Stars pregame coverage.
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  3. Bayern v Barcelona. I don't know how Bayern is stopped. I think they roll Barca. I'm sorry Messi. ;)
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  4. Bayern have scored five, FIVE, in 31 minutes. Including the one they put in their own goal. Going out on a limb and saying they are the favorites in the Final.
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  5. It’s been CRAZY! Yeah I think so too man. I mean for me, they are without a doubt the strongest of the teams left.

    That said, they usually seem to have bad luck in the champions league so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them lose at some point somehow.
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    I didn't realize Thomas Muller was still playing for Bayern. What is he, 40? ;)
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  7. Barca’s defense is shambolic
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  8. If Jonathan David follows the same development as Davies, even Canada is gonna start handing it to the US.
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  9. Dang, when Germans are on, they’re really on...
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  10. Why not, everyone else does.

    US Soccer, and to a lesser extent uneducated US arrogance, led some to think we would be contenders in short order.

    I had a conversation (pre-2010 World Cup) with a Dad, who’s son was going to an East Coast school on a soccer scholie, who told me the US would win the WC within the next 2-3 tournaments. This was over beers, and with him being a general ass-hat, I told him he didn’t know much about soccer. I said IF we overhauled US Soccer, MAYBE we’re competitive (top 5-6) in a generation.

    Easiest $100 I ever made.
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  11. Haha wow. Yeah I thought back in 2000, that maybe in 40 years we MIGHT could do it.

    Now though, the continued ineptitude of USSF, resigns me to be super cynical about it ever happening.
  12. Had no idea they made an actual series on this. Almost makes me want to get Apple TV plus or whatever.

    Seems as if it’s getting great reviews too.

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  13. Ha! I'd watch the hell out of that. Some of the best commercials ever.
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  14. Heck yes. "How many countries are in this country?" (in reference to England)

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  15. Allez Lyon!
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    Sterling just, wow, such a bad miss.

    Gotta give Lyon credit, they took their chances for sure.

    Well, I’ll be happy with any of the remaining teams winning aside from PSG. I’d rather it were Leipzig or Lyon but Bayern winning won’t disturb me that much either.
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  17. Wow, I'm surprised Man City didn't win this one vs Lyon. I agree, anyone but PSG for the championship.
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  18. Me pulling up the Interwebs and checking the Lyon-City result:


    scheiss off, City.
    Yep. Another vote for #TeamAnyoneButPSG.
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  19. Perfect gif!

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