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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. curious if the too many games theory has some truth to it

    heard someone make a comment the other day that possibly the best thing for college football this upcoming season is kids aren't going 24/7/365 and getting a bit of time to physically and mentally rest
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  2. It does make you wonder. I heard something similar as well in regards to running backs.
  3. Anyone watch soccer this past weekend (Bundesliga)? What did it look like with no fans? I'm sure it was weird, but cool to see the action again.
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  4. watched the dortmund match and it was interesting to see the game played in an 80,000 seat stadium and no one in it.

    you could hear the players communicating which was interesting, more so if i could speak anything other than english.

    they played the dortmund club song over the pa when they scored each time which was a bit odd and echoed.

    players didn't shy much from contact
  5. Any word yet on severity?

    Missed the first half of this one because my boys twisted my arm into going to the donut factory (Krispy Kreme) during the deluge.

    Got home and turned it on and saw no Reyna. Asked a buddy in a group chat who also mentioned he was starting what happened. Figured it must be an injury to not start the 2nd half.

    Darn 2020 already All the way to hell it needs to be darned.
  6. The beautiful game was even more beautiful than ever, but Schalke did not look like they were sharp at all. Enjoyed the hell out of live sports that wasn't dodge ball juggling on the Ocho, though. Couldn't care less if fans weren't there.
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  7. I watched 4 games. If you muted the TV it was the same game you've always watched but it was definitely odd with no crowd noise. I thought a few teams looked WAY more prepared/in game shape than others.
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  8. Gladbach won that’s all I care about. I watched all the TV games and it was interesting to hear the communicating going on. Wish we had a bunch more games this week.
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  9. Injury appears to have been very minor.
  10. tuesday should be interesting
  11. I watched bits of it and didn't notice him again.

  12. Another young Yank starting to emerge?
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  13. EPL to return June 17th.
  14. Thought this post might pull @tcujsauce out of hiding.
  15. La Liga resumes June 11th.
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