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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Never doubt the ability of USSF to fall flat on its face regarding any new appointment.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I'm actually going to be surprised if they don't screw this up.
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  4. Haha right?! That’s exactly where I am too these days.
  5. Tyler Adams injured yet again. Starting to think this potential golden generation of American players may be, sadly, fairly injury prone
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  7. possibly, but i am not sure it isn't a reflection on the number of matches players are asked to play in some cases against high levels of competition with all the cups, tournaments, qualifying etc..
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  8. Liverpool. What a juggernaut. The wins keep coming.
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  9. I find myself kinda rooting for all the records to fall. Norwich gave them quite a scare today.
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    You catch today’s match, @Chongo94 ?

    A summation of all things Arsenal. A frustrating goalless first half with missed chances. Twelve minutes of sublime football that produced two goals. Two backline calamities that would have been put away by better sides than Newcastle. But a very welcome 4-nill to the Arsenal. Pepe scored one and made two. Saka made Pepe’s goal and looked dangerous throughout, as did Nketiah. Ozïl ran throughout and helped make the opener. Still, the club glaringly need defenders.
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    Caught all of the second half, thankfully I missed the first half ineptitude. Not willing to think the corner is even close to turning but the only one loss and then this victory today in the last 10 or how many games, has definitely brought some smiles back.

    It’s almost the beginning wisp of a fresh spring breeze. Saka is a player. They have some legit decent youngsters with Saka, Willock, and Martinelli. Pepe also seems to be finally coming to grips with playing in the EPL.

    Agreed, will be interesting to see how Mari does when he gets fit and if the team can somehow get Soares to come good when he gets fit as well.

    I didn’t see the first half so no idea if Mustafi was a part of the calamities you spoke of...was he? I mean I would bet so but also, the defense has been stronger as of late (even with our defensive ineptitude at times) and it seems as if Arteta is possibly turning him into a depth worthy defender again...
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  12. You’re right about a corner not turned yet. A welcome three points, though, definitely. The two gilt-edged chances that Newcastle had came from splitting the two centerhalfs and the second Bellerin got turned too easily (iirc). Pepe seems to be growing under Arteta, and the players seem to be adjusting to how he wants to play. Plenty of one-touch passing. If the rumors of Laca and Auba going in the summer are true (hopefully not Auba), then the younglings need to grow up fast.

    A fresh spring breeze indeed.
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  13. Anyone pulling for MU vs Chelsea today? Just say “no.”
  14. Willingly pull for ManU?

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  15. I am rooting for a natural disaster. As a Spurs fan I need Chelsea to drop points. I'm not counting on this CL ban to hold up for City so Chelsea are currently occupying the most vulnerable top 4 slot. I'm holding my nose.
  16. CHE is a mess in goal. They have injuries. I don’t think you need to worry about them finishing top 4.
  17. Spurs always need to worry. Always.
  18. Really surprised at how much Kepa has struggled this year.

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