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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. 64 points from 22 games ...... insane.
  2. Liverpool are dominant this year. And it's crazy bc they were thought to be level with City going into the season, if not a smidge behind them. They're an impressive side this season.
  3. They seem to have the Frog Factor
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  4. Does Liverpool even have a French player anymore? I can't think of one.

  5. Should be fun watch the this guy playing RB opposite of Davies. Speed for days at the fullback spot now.

    Considering they are saving up for a massive summer shopping spree (Sané, Havertz, Upamecano), this was a good deal, and pushes Pavard back into CB depth which is badly needed currently.
  6. Also, happy birthday to Mr. Wembley

  7. if pulisic was bought by chelsea for 73 million what price would / will jaden sancho bring for dortmund?
  8. haaland's 2nd goal was nice and reyna gets 15 minutes of time at the end of the game.

  9. Back where we belong with a big match next Sunday against RBL.
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    I obviously assume he’ll be headed to England. Bayern finna shell out around €100m for Sané, so I could see City getting in on that, even though they don’t really have room for him.

    Man U is desperate for anything so I’m sure they’d back the armored truck up for him.

  11. I’m starting to allow myself to dream of what the USMNT might look like in a couple years.
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  12. only a matter of time for him to get that first goal. dortmund has tried to run chances through him each time he has subbed in and he has come close in the prior matches, but nothing like that effort.

    classic dortmund match, over 800 passes with an insane completion percentage, 20 shots, and they lose because of defensive breakdowns.
  13. Konrad de la Fuente was also called up to train with the first team at Barcelona this week...
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  14. That's exquisite.
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  15. The reactions haha

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  16. Progress
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  17. Pulisic hurt himself again it appears.
  18. there is hope.......now who replaces him and what about gregg?
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