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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. As expected. Smh. What a terrible showing by Bayern
  2. Really enjoyed the Chelsea result. I continue to be stunned by Spurs' rapid turn around under Mourinho. Lots more goals being scored than I ever thought possible under him.
  3. Haha I stopped watching apparently 30 seconds prior to the penalty. Wow.
  4. Just watched Juventus vs Lazio. What a game! If you have espn+ (which I got only because of the Disney bundle) it’d be a nice game for you to watch this weekend if you can’t find anything else.
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  6. Wow...

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  8. Holy boat! That's next level creativity and next level execution for horse face.
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  9. I wouldn’t have even thought to attempt that in a million years.
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  10. Exactly. Next level creativity. I might try it inside the 6, but no chance from that far out and no way I'd think I could get to the back post from there. Just remarkable.

    I hope his teammates all bit him to help him celebrate.
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  11. Meh, the USMNT scores goals like that all the time. No?
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  12. Good one. I was seriously questioning the Guzan appearance until the joke from him landed ha.
  13. Weston McKennie was just stretchered off in the Schalke v Frankfurt game with a possible shoulder injury. He looked in some serious pain.
  14. Good lord, some of the fouls in this match today :eek: This one would’ve made Nigel de Jong proud and there were at least 2-3 others that were just ruthless.

  15. Damn. That's some MMA boat right there. Unreal.

  16. I think I found us a new DE.
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  17. I'd love to have Adama Traore (sp?) At LB.
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  18. Of course he’s hurt. Tyler Adams is finally ready to return so someone HAD to go down.
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  19. Never seen a soccer player look like that. Dude is built like an NFL RB.
  20. CL Round of 32 is set:

    Atalanta v Valencia
    Atlético Madrid v Liverpool
    Borussia Dortmund v Paris Saint-Germain
    Chelsea v Bayern Munich
    Lyon v Juventus
    Napoli v Barcelona
    Real Madrid v Manchester City
    Tottenham v RB Leipzig

    Some interesting ties. Atléti may not what they were a few years ago when they challenged for (and won) La Liga, but they'll be a tough out for Liverpool. Madrid - City should entertain as well.

    A the KIddie Table, ManU v Brugge and Arsenal v Olympiakos.
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