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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

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  2. Because I'm lazy and never activated it.
  3. Shocking to see Haaland scoring goals again.
  4. Dest is just so quick. Really great run he made there, but it's almost indefensible when you're that fast.
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  5. scheiss whoever the laughing guy is. I will kick your ass.
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  6. what would he be able to do taking service from the american midfield they rolled out in austria plus pulisic
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  7. Pepi looked about 28.
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  8. Watching Toronto/Nashville.... I will murder Berhalter if Jozy ever plays a meaningful game for us again. Minimal technical skill and awful body language. Might be my least favorite player of all time. And ditto for Michael Bradley. Our young midfielders ALL totally outclass him.
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    That would be Jamie Carragher and Roberto Martinez.
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  10. Ended in a well deserved 1-0 OT win for Nashville. Entertaining game.
  11. FB_IMG_1606313934663.jpg

    A journalist asked Bosnian basketball player Nihad Dedovic if he was related to Zlatan Ibrahimovic: ⠀

    Dedovic said: "No, my father has never been to Sweden." ⠀
    Zlatan replied: "But my father has been to Bosnia."⠀

    Savage reply from Zlatan as always
  12. Diego Maradona has died!
  13. Damn. May he find mercy at the actual hand of God.
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  15. Wish he would go to Europe. About the only MLS guy I actually think has a solid place on our squad.
  16. Maradona was the first truly great player that I got to see in his prime. If all you think about is the hand of God goal in the ‘86 WC then you’ve missed how great he was the entire WC.

    RIP Diego
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