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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. please tell me no one on nashville's back line is part of the us men's roster

    mother and child, last time i saw that little effort from defenders was our son's u8 team when it was a 3:00 pm game in august
  2. Looks like Bayern and Barca are both chasing after Dest right now. Perhaps why he didn't play much last game.
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  3. I might join @tcujsauce at watch parties if this were to happen. I could never root for Barca, though. It would be like Reagor to Philly, Doc to the Redskins, or Marcus Cannon and Josh Boyce in NE.
  4. Not that it's a major piece of hardware (England League Cup), but those matches it appears are on ESPN+, not Peacock. The 3rd round begins this week (Wednesday). Only EPL games are on Peacock. So if I wanted to watch LC games, I would need to subscribe to ESPN+ as well. SMH.

    I wonder who will have the Champions League games? Probably neither Peacock or ESPN+; some other streaming service.
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    CBS took over the rights beginning in August and is putting the vast majority on All-Access (their [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] streaming platform). If you have access to Univision*, you can watch the matches in Spanish (like we all used to do in the 1990s and early 00s).

    *I know it's not available on YouTubeTV; not sure about Hulu or Fubo.
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    God I can't wait to get this USMNT group together and see what they can do. I'm starting to think irrational things about 2026.
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  7. I really like those Fulham kits.

    Regarding irrational thoughts... Just think about Berhalter and federation leadership. That should ground you quickly.
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  8. Quit ruining my dreams.
  9. Speaking of...

    This was apparently the most read or 2nd most read sports article on Washington Post’s website.

    U.S. men’s soccer is welcoming a ‘Golden Generation.’ It’s already making an impact overseas.

  10. Yeah, all the cup games, including the FA Cup are on ESPN+ now.

    Such a beating to have 3 different streaming services, which all cost extra, despite you already paying for the actual channels, just to watch a sport that you could’ve seen on 2 different fairly normal channels just 2 years ago.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Some crazy results this weekend. Think we will see a lot of this given how much soccer is being played and how quick the games are coming, players may lose focus or get super tired allowing for some interesting results at times.
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  14. Always love it when City takes a convincing L.
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  15. Arsenal v Liverpool today. I'm torn.
  16. We can all agree that the real enemy is NBC. scheiss you, NBC. scheiss. You.

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