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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. just the idea of having someone that could run the sweep and throw it accurately would open up that play - would love for him to have come to TCU but I agree he will never see the field as a QB either place.
  2. Bummer about Powell. He has to decide if he wants easier playing time or to have a chance to win championships. Good luck to the kid either way.
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  3. I’m pumped about this kid!
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  4. I started a new thread just for today. Might be easier to post any LOI related stuff in there.
  5. Are there anymore Ty Slaninia (sp) on that East B team?
  6. Didn’t everyone say that about King who now starts at QB for U of H. I say him play a few times this year and wished he was our QB. Maybe I was seeing too much in him but the point is sometimes guys actually make it at the position they want to play...although that is the exception rather than the rule.
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  7. King is starting QB because he went to U of H - if he had chosen to come to TCU, I doubt he would have won our starting role and most likely have played some this year only due to attrition if we couldn't have convinced him to switch positions.

    If Powell was willing to step down a level in competition, he could compete for QB lots of places also just like King decided.

    But if he ends up the starting QB at a P5 school, even Baylor - my feeling is that is not going to be good news for that school because it will mean more than a few have fallen on the battlefield in front of him.

    He has more than enough ability to be a great player in several places on the field but like a lot of people, I don't think that is at QB in the big 5 conferences.
  8. SR looked like Peyton Manning compared to King against SMU. Only time I watched him this year
  9. After everything that's happened, and we still have this many QB experts?
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  10. lol . . . Arkansas beat TCU in FW, then lost the next season in Arkansas but I guess the ONLY game that mattered was he second one. Never mind how Arkansas hos OWNED the Frogs for decades.

    Yes - it's true that Bielema left the program in shambles - but he's gone now. The proof is in the pudding, so we won't know for 2-3 years what we really have (NO one will), but this class we started signing today appears to be one of the best in Arkansas' history. This is EXACTLY why we hired Morris - his Texas ties run deep, and his recruiting pedigree goes back to the days when Clemson was starting to build what they are today.

    Listen - I've always liked TCU as one of the schools other than Arkansas that I pull for. I have a LOT of respect for the program Gary has built in Fort Worth, and i enjoy watching his teams play. That said, I won't stand by idly while some no-nothing bad-mouths' my Hogs. Are they down now? You bet (so is TCU, by the way). Are they going to stay there? History says they will not. Bad news is that the SEC West is THE alpha division in all of college football, so they may improve dramatically and only be 2nd or 3rd in that division. But that doesn't mean it's a mistake for ANY player to look at them. You can rationalize that if you lose someone you want to them, but that doesn't make it fact.
  11. no, it's arkansas, oklahoma's illiterate cousin
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  12. I honestly don’t remember a really good Arkansas team.
  13. What an irony that the author of the masterpiece quoted above is calling out someone (anyone!) else for being illiterate . . lol!

    Please try again when you can communicate a complete thought.

    Better yet - don't bother.
  14. Do you shave yet? Geesh.
  15. I do. Weird question. Was it this century? I honestly can’t recall and I don’t have internet to look it up.
  16. Arkansas. Perennially one of the top 7 programs in the SEC West.
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  17. arkansas isnt worth punctuation capitalization, or sentence structure
  18. He won’t tell you but the year was 1969
  19. Hey, you're just a no-nothing, so just stop trying to no things. Bow to the no-wledge of the great and powerful wizardofhogz, the man that no's all, sees all.

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