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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I like those gloves
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  2. Baton Rouge kid. Thought by some to be the top DB in the class.
  3. Apparently, his family is very close to the Reagors. That should definitely help.
  4. Several 2019 CBs for kids to TCU starting to come in. Spears, Brown, Ellison, Harris...
  5. From Glenn. I’ll wait to see JC put them in before I get excited.
  6. Anyone have any numbers on how many early commits actually end up riding it out and signing with us come National Signing Day?
  7. I don’t get excited about any of them. Just information.
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  8. If we're being nit picky about it, then I'll wait until they are starters on the team and named all-conference before I get excited. And I'm not talking honorable mention. 1st team or get the hell outta here.
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  9. Somewhere between most and almost all.
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  10. One of the top RBs on the west coast.
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  11. Highly rated La LB. Solid hashtag usage.
  12. I should change my name.
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  13. To Donte Starks?
  14. No. Frank Stallone.
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  15. I do not keep up with recruiting. I also appreciate the desire for and interest of the skill players. Having said all that, is there any pursuit of quality offensive and defensive lineman? No need for snide remarks please. An actual inquiry. Thanks!

  16. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Season/2019-Football/Offers

    Snark free.
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  17. Of course there is, but the guys that weigh 285+ and have the athleticism and strength required to play in the trenches aren’t as common as fast athletic guys that weigh 180. Therefore, the blue bloods generally do better in this regard and the rest are fighting for diamonds in the rough or undersized guys that they hope will develop.
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  18. Which is why you can make a strong argument that our two biggest recruiting wins in the last several years were Bethley and Blacklock.
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