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2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 31, 2019.

  1. Bye piggies.
  2. Time to go back to the double wide and fry something.
  3. Did not see piggy going home early, this side of the bracket is wide open. Not sad to see them go but hoped tech would go 2 and cue
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  4. Could not happen to a more deserving coach IMO. Wonder if that most knowledgeable fan base in baseball history will hang around Omaha and see winners play ball?
  5. Earlier before the game the showed the concessions where they sell hats and there was someone wearing a TCU hat.
  6. Thank you Tech. Did not want to see an all sec championship
  7. Agreed
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  8. depends - do KOA's still refund the additional nights if you leave early?
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  9. So many people go just for the baseball regardless of who’s in the CWS. Still the best sporting event I have attended.
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  10. Announcers making a deal out of the Michigan batter’s exit velo on his first inning HR being 6 mph higher than the average in mlb this year. Just gonna ignore that he’s not holding a 34/31 hunk of maple.
  11. Does not appear to be a super team this year. Too bad the Frogs ran into the Florida all star pitcher last time out twice and Cinderella Coastal Carolina. Those were both years we could have won it.

    I hope we get back there soon. It’s greatnesses.
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  12. Should have won it in 16. Not so sure about 17.
  13. And Michigan goes to 2-0
  14. Or the fact that it’s just one swing being compared to MLB AVERAGE. There have been an abundance of fastballs thrown in Omaha that were harder than MLB average too.
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  15. Yesterday I told my kids what I want for Father's Day next year. To be in Omaha. This is my last year coaching softball after a few years of baseball (about ten overall), so next summer I'll be available and want to make the trip whether the Frogs do or don't.

    Hopefully they do.
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  16. As great a chance as any in first year 2010. upload_2019-6-17_22-11-6.png

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  17. Only problem with ‘10 is we lost to UCLA’s 2 aces in Trevor Bauer and Gerrit Cole so in a championship 3 game series I don’t see us winning that.USC jr got huge help from us as they did not have to face Bauer in the championship. It’s different in ‘17 because if we were on the other side of the bracket and we faced UF we would have only faced Faedo once vs twice. In that case I see us winning ‘17
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  18. Which goes along with how I wish they would put teams in the other losers bracket like they used to do to stop repeat matchups like that. Who knows if we would have changed anything over the years, but it’s better than losing to the same pitcher twice
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  19. I completely agree with this. I’ve always believed it makes for interesting matchups when you slide losers brackets.
  20. L'ville 4 Auburn 1 B4 in rain.

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