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2019 MLB Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Can anyone explain to me why the Astros have players wearing masks to keep their faces warm when it’s 50 degrees out?
  2. It’s currently 49° in the Bronx, “feels like” 45°

    45 is chilly AF
  3. Meh. George Springer is from Connecticut. 49 degrees is a nice spring day.
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  4. He’s been in Houston too long
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  5. It’s not face mask cold.
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  6. Hard to say what exactly the impact would be. Sure seems like it should be a positive for college baseball at first glance. The whole draft/Omaha thing gets way overplayed though. Scouts/teams aren’t talking with players during this time. When a kid that’s still playing gets drafted the team essentially tells them “Congratulations! Good luck the rest of the way and we’ll talk when your season’s over”. They aren’t (or shouldn’t be) negotiation during this time. College coaches would go apeshit (trust me) and scouts don’t want to burn those bridges. I get not wanting to have the draft going on at the exact same time as games are being played but I don’t see it as that big of a deal that it happens while the season is still going on for a few teams.
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  7. I probably wouldn’t wear a face mask personally, but I think y’all are underestimating how cold 45° is.

    Next time it’s 45° out, go stand outside in a long sleeve shirt and jeans for 4 hours. I bet it’s chillier than you think.
  8. You Houston folk are poosays.

    And this isn't sandlot...they aren't out there in shirts and jeans.

    45 is cold but the face is the least of my worries. Typically, you just want to make sure your feet, legs and top of your head stay warm. I can see wearing those hats that have a flap covering the ears like Elvis does and maybe something around the neck (bring back the mock turtleneck) but covering the entire face seems extreme.
  9. Bryan Holaday Elects Free Agency
    October 18th, 2019 at 4:30pm CST • By Steve Adams
    The Marlins announced Friday that veteran catcher Bryan Holaday cleared waivers and has elected free agency in lieu of accepting an outright assignment to Triple-A New Orleans. He’ll be free to sign with any club this winter.

    Holaday, 32 next month, has spent the past two seasons in the Marlins organization. The veteran backup took a backseat to young Jorge Alfaro in Miami this season but was productive when he got the call, hitting .278/.344/.435 in 129 plate appearances. That production is demonstrably better than Holaday’s typical output, however, as evidenced by his lifetime .241/.287/.340 line through 735 MLB plate appearances between Detroit, Texas, Boston and Miami.

    Defensively, Holaday has been average or better in terms of controlling the running game throughout his MLB career, as his 30 percent caught-stealing rate checks in a bit north of the 28 percent league average over his Major League tenure. He typically draws above-average marks for his pitch-blocking skills but has long been regarded as a slightly below-average framer (positive marks in 357 innings with the Marlins in 2018 notwithstanding). Catching depth is seemingly always in demand throughout the league, so Holaday will have his share of interested teams, though he’ll likely have to settle for a minor league pact and an invite to MLB camp — be it with the Marlins or a new organization.
  10. You might be able to say [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]head.

    Edit: nope. Guess my blueberries post had them con consider all filters.
  11. They were talking on the telecast about how windy it was. I can stand outside all dang day in 45 in shorts and flipflops if there's no wind. But once it starts blowing, I've got to find a place to hole up, or else get some heavy clothes on.
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  12. Hell of a double play by the astros to end the top of the 7th.
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  13. Fantastic game tonight. Astros hanging on while yanks seem to be putting pressure every inning
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  14. What a play and what a potentially game-changing turn of events (compared to if that ball fell)
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  15. [​IMG]
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