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2019 Football Regular Season Predictions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Volare, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. No
  2. 12-0, our year. We go all the way to natty.
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  3. 28 days to go.
    Up to 75 predictions. (last year's record was 106). Nice bell curve developing.
    Folks in the far right columns, feel free to chime in with a prediction that can be interpreted.
    As always, if you see an error, please let me know so I can correct it. I plan to post updates every Saturday from here til kickoff.

  4. 21 days to go. No updates this week. Hopefully more on the horizon!
  5. "Anticipation..."
  6. O/U 7.5 had juice to Under -135 in Vegas +105 over

    That has shifted over the past few days to Under -110 and Over -120

    Phil Steele’s group may have pushed it up....Ha

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  7. 7-5, and a general feeling of "if only we had a QB."
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  8. I am revising mine to 8-4.
    And we have a great qb. Just a matter as to whether GP lets him play regardless of his class. However, the injury list is already starting to churn, so ...
  9. How do you know that Duggan is a great QB? He's a freshman and hasn't played yet. He might be great, but the same could have been said for Sawyer, Robinson, etc.
  10. They same could have been said about JR (before he was injured) but not SR or Sawyer. And if Delton, who has played at the college level considerably longer, is measurably better than Duggan, than the choice for starter should already be well decided. If it is, as GP would wish folks to buy, still a close race, than that shows Duggan to be as good as his highlights (which are bragged about by folks across the country).
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  11. 9-3 with losses to Oklahoma, UT, and Iowa state
  12. I disagree. Shawn Robinson was a slightly higher ranked prospect than Duggan (according to 247). They were both 4-star prospects with a ton of offers. Sawyer wasn't as highly rated but he was still pretty hyped. I didn't mention Rogers because it may be that he suffered a career-ending injury and we'll never know how good he was.

    I hope Duggan is great, it's just that I have learned not to assume that a freshman who has taken 0 snaps is already "great" or will ever become great. You have to wait and see.
  13. I think I’m ready to make my prediction, finally. I’m going with 9-3. I’m feeling very optimistic today, and hopefully we’ve got a more balanced team this year. Go Frogs!
  14. Time for the Saturday update! 14 days to go. 84 predictions made so far- well off the pace, but still plenty of time. Certainly hoping for revisions from: texas_sicilian, frog-hat, Froggish, TK2000, LawFrog504, and asleep003.

  15. 10-2 (Losses to Oklahoma St and OU)
  16. Wins: APB, SMU, WVU, Kansas, Kansas St
    Loss: Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State
    Wildcards that will make or break the season: Tech, Baylor, Purdue.

    Prediction: 7-5 going in to bowl season.

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