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2019 Football Regular Season Predictions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Volare, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. And, you think Rogers and Duggan do have experience? You haven't a clue what Baldwin can do. Delton is the only one with experience that accounts for anything, which is why he'll be the guy August 31. As for Baldwin, Did you see him in the OSU Spring Game. You might take a look at his LT highlights senior year. Cumbie and company didn't chase him down in the portal because he's mediocre. These three all have potential. Let's hope the one that can get us down the field gets on the field sooner rather than later.
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  2. Yeah. QB battles don't necessarily look like "battles" to the guys showing up everyday. Players and reporters. Baldwin outplayed him even with a lingering meniscus tear. But, it never mattered. Fields had the job.
  3. Hello Mr. Baldwin. First specifics I’ve heard about the knee injury.
  4. This joke is getting so old. Not Mr. Baldwin, not Matthew, not even his grandmother. A long-time friend and fan of LT football. Most everyone that's friends with that family knows it was a lingering meniscus tear from that same knee. It's gonna all be good. Glad I could be so informative. Now, let me go tuck Matthew in upstairs.
  5. I have no dog in the fight either way. But it’s pretty silly for a poster with zero inside information to say that either Baldwin wins the job or we are a 7-win team. As a recruit Baldwin was behind both Rogers and Duggan, and he has no experience advantage.
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  6. I live in Lakeway, not gonna pretend to know his fam but watched Baldwin play too....he’s legit talent, it’s too bad he’s dinged up b/c I really think he could’ve spelled Delton fairly quickly....

    As for next Lake Travis Qb, Hudson Card is going to have a mammoth Senior season.....unfortunately a UT hard commit.
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  7. For sure. Hoping Baldwin's luck turns around. And, once Card (who is a very talented dual threat guy) gets to Texas, we'll have three former LT QBs playing in the Big 10. Not bad.
  8. Your continued ability to make hard line conclusions based on nothing outside of your own head and while at the same time chastising other posters for following similar logic is astonishing
  9. I only know this for certain - the year is NOW. No grooming QB's for next year, we lose most of the OL, Secondary, Reagor, Sewo, Anderson, Blacklock, and Song.

    Gotcha with Song didn't I?
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  10. Lucas Niang, Jeff Gladney, and Innes Gaines deserve individual name recognition as well.

    From a NFL Draft perspective 2019 might Patterson’s most talented team ever. We must win big in 2019 because 2020 will be a massive rebuilding year.

    I will be disappointed with anything less than double digit wins in 2019.
  11. a great deal hangs on the play of the quarterback.

    i don't think they need to be great, simply keep the car on the road and out of the proverbial turnover ditch
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  12. While I enjoy the discussions regarding QBs and such, it does make it difficult to sort thru everything trying to find predictions, so if I could ask, please keep discussions other than your predictions in their own thread. Thanks!
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  13. Seems to be some grumbling out of OU that they are a little nervous about that rebuilt offensive line. They have a future pro at center but everyone else is a huge question mark..They expect a lot of called runs for Hurts..
  14. scheiss it..... 11-1
  15. 11-1

    Loss redemption at Big 12 Champ game.
  16. It’s been welling up inside of you and it’s possible hold back the 11-1
  17. Is this to be interpreted as a 4 non-wins prediction from DtOF?

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