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2019 Baseball Season

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by frogtex, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. I'm so ready
  2. That’s huge respect for Schloss considering we’ve got new faces on half the field except two of the weekend starters.
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  4. So can someone guess our starting line-up? Or even positions?

    Guessing Humphrey's at C, although he didn't have a very good year last year. No idea on 1B, 2B, or two of the OF spots. Guessing Ovieda and Shepherd hold down SS and 3B? DH is also a question
  5. I am glad Dion Henderson is still on the roster. Would be a great story if he ended up being a contributor at some point in the next few years.
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  6. I think Hump behind the plate and Josh Watson in LF are the two fielding spots I’d say were prob locked down. Beyond that who knows? I know last month Shep was the only one taking fungo reps at 3B so I’d guess his was close to being confirmed as well. Several dudes rotating at 1B/2B/SS during the drills we watched.
  7. hell yes, another aussie middle infielder from hill college.
  8. Fall practice was a long time ago but I heard there is a chance that all 4 infield positions could be new comers
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  10. I didn't realize that was his son. Thanks

  11. From watching the games in the fall...

    C-Humphreys with Isola playing some
    1b- Guenther
    3b-Oviedo...Shepherd maybe...frew possibly
    RF-????? Heard they may be moving Keefer to outfield
    DH—no clue
  12. Henry looked very smooth at 2B the one practice I saw.
  13. We're about 76 hours from first pitch! I'm headed to Scottsdale on Thursday. Excited for the weekend.
  14. Lots of D2 ball being played today if you are in proximity to a program.
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  15. Really interested to see how UT Tyler makes the transition. They are playing pretty much a split schedule between D2 and D3 this year
  16. I went to junior high and high school with his mom. She has since remarried. I believe he is one of triplets.
  17. So there's a chance you have triplets that another man is paying for?
  18. Although I did eventually married far out of my league (not sure how), she was out of my league in high school.

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