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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. that is just north of texline isn't it?
  2. I hear China is nice this time of year.
  3. Curious why we didn’t bring in another big. Kevin is great but Barlow looks like he can’t play at this level, was obvious last year he couldn’t play yet we did nothing to address it.
  4. good question.

    curious if they thought they had a legit shot at the ncaa approving ledee's appeal
  5. I think that is the case
  6. Beard in Austin, or any truly capable coach in Austin, would be a great thing for the Big 12 generally and a bad thing for us specifically.
  7. Do we know if either of our commits will sign today? Anyone have an idea if we might sign anybody other than the two guys we have committed?
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    Eddie signed this morning and Terren is suppose to sign this afternoon.

    Looks like that's it for the early period.
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  9. Oh no doubt. I forever love for Atlanta, as I grew up there and have many many fond memories. When I moved to Austin from Atlanta 4 years ago, I had soured a bit on Atlanta. It was stale to me. However, during visits back over the years, I’ve been very impressed with the growth and revitalization of areas around city center. And one thing no one can contest - Atlanta has soul!!
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  10. I think we are waiting on KK in a few weeks, and then a few international prospects, to round out the class. I'm guessing we sign 3 or so, +/- 1, at the end of the day?
  11. Unfortunately, it's not looking great for KK. His recruitment has become a little strange. Won't get into the nuts and bolts of it but it includes Issac McBride (former Kansas signee).

    The two backcourt players the Frogs are focusing on (for the late period) are-

    -Skylar Wicks 6-5 Clearwater FL
    -Eric Gaines 6-2 Atlanta GA

    I am not as familiar with Wicks but the TCU staff loves him. Great size.

    I'm very familiar with Gaines. IMO, he projects much better than Delvion Smith (Top 50 prospect from GA). Gaines can score at the next level. I don't see it with Smith. Smith reminds me of Davion Mitchell (Baylor). I like Gaines much better.

    Either Gaines or Wicks would be a great signing.
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  12. You’ve talked about Wicks before but Gaines is a new name. Anyone think we’re done for the early period?
  13. Anyone watching early games can see that Big12 is going to be brutal night in and night out...
  14. Hard to think we won’t sign another PG but I still think we need a longer guy who can play the 4. Just wondering if we will try LaDee there.
  15. He's not really that kind of player. Frogs are in good shape at the 4 with Smith and Grayer.
  16. Agreed. Not a weak team in the league. That's what separates the Big 12 from the other leagues.
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  17. I was thinking for next year. Grayer will be gone and was hoping for a bigger guy at the 4. A guy like JD who was 6’8” or so who can shoot it a little bit.
  18. ledee is in that range of 6'8-9" , well over 200 lbs, and i guess has the ability to play out on the floor a bit.

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