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2019-2020 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Best league? I thought we had this conversation already. Too much power concentrated in too few (read 2) clubs for me.to agree it's the best. I do love watching it, though.
  2. Quality, atmosphere, and general styles of play for my tastes.
  3. Probably won’t make much of a difference in the grand campaign but Barcelona actually lost their opening game today.
    Lost to Bilbao 1-0.
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  4. Cost of attendance, too. I remember reading an article that it was cheaper for fans in the UK to travel to Germany by train, go to a Bundesliga match, and return than it was to attend a EPL matches.
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  5. I think it’s the ownership model that allows for that. Pretty cool, but also pretty crazy how expensive it is to attend an EPL game. Tv announcer yesterday said the Bundesliga was the best attended league in Europe on average or something like that.
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  6. Supreme bottle job by BVB if they don’t win it this year. Mein verein has had a tough transfer window after putting all their eggs in the Sané basket, but Phil Coutinho is a nice stop-gap loan. Perisic adds some winger depth off the bench too. Just think they are stuck between a youth movement and aging superstars. Not ideal. Some locker room issues too stemming from last night’s match. Kimmich lashed out at Kovac for his subbing decisions, and Renato Sanches got fined 10k for comments about being mad with playing time and wanting to leave. Kind of a mess right now.

    As far as the Herta match, they have played Bayern close for the last 3-4 seasons for really no reason at all. Süle has not looked good at all in preseason and looked rough last night too. Would assume Hernandez gets a start soon.
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  7. If you have a membership to the club and can actually get tickets before they are sold out, they are incredibly cheap.

    From a fan experience standpoint, none of the leagues can hold the Bundesliga’s jock. My brother in law came to watch the match with me yesterday, and he, being an EPL consumer for the last 9-10 years, said that the style of play was much more enjoyable to watch, and he said he’s now a Bayern fan and buying a kit... boom!
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    That’s how I feel. I was only able to attend an exhibition game while in Germany between Bayern and a regionalliga or maybe it was an amateur side but it was still great.

    Too many Americans just focus on the EPL and are missing out on what the Bundesliga offers.
  9. I
    I enjoyed the matches I attended there. I love watching it as much as you. My only problem is that so little drama exists at the top of the table outside of 2 clubs.
  10. What an insane finish between Spurs and City today. Spurs had no business drawing a point from that. City thoroughly impressed, but Spurs were lethal when they got chances. A huge point to take.
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  12. So happy for United right now. Amazing finish. De Gea with a world class effort to secure victory... for Palace.
  13. Liverpool v Arsenal coming up
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  14. Everyone in the entire world when they saw that:

  15. 27 mins in and so far Arsenal aren't down 3-0 (improvement, then?) Sokratis nearly had a perfect assist for Mane, but a goal is coming (Liverpool bossing midfield)

    NBC switching to the secondary camera is, actually, sort of nice. The whole-field view allows you to see the movements develop.
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  16. Chelsea weren’t great but the young guys up front were good. Second half the midfield played much better and stayed compact.

    As a Gladbach supporter I’ve seen the Bundesliga grow over the last decade. The atmosphere is electric at just about every venue and the game is usually very competitive.

    If you have ESPN+ I urge you to give the Seria A a look. The league keeps getting better and the coaching keeps improving as well.
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  17. An expected result, though I had hoped we would put up more of a fight. Still too sloppy in defense, though Liverpool are fearsome when fully engaged. I do think Pepe will turn into a quite good player once he gets a bit more experience.

    I remember when we used to eviscerate opponents with attacking verve, a controlling midfield, and a rock-solid back four. That was a long time ago.
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  18. Agreed. Wenger’s ghost man. I feel at this point, they lost so often for so long to the other perceived big clubs, that even when good, tough players come in, the lingering stench and fear that descended on the club for a decade slowly affects even the new signings.

    They don’t know how to win these games anymore. Tactical setup didn’t seem to help one bit either...? But I agree, Pepe is gonna be a player and I feel we are tougher and have a bit more verve and bite compared to the last few years. They will just have to relearn how to win these types of games.
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  19. David Luiz may not have enough left in the tank to start for Arsenal. Salah was too much for him.

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