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2019-2020 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Doesn't move the needle much for me. I'd like to see him get out of the Turkish league. Turkey just doesn't move the needle much for me. It's a good club there, though, and he'll get some UEFA Cup experience there. That can't be bad. Hope it leads to a better move in the next year or two.
  2. Headed down to Houston mañana to see my Bayern boys match up with Real Madrid in the ICC preseason tournament. Should be a fun time, pregame prost includes meet & greet with Lothar Matthäus and Giovane Elber. Mia San Mia!
  3. I tried watching them a couple nights ago in Carson against ARSEnal, but couldn't stay awake. It was entertaining footy, but it was just too late and I'm too old. It was nil-nil when I crashed, but I thought the Gunners were playing a little better in the first half hour.
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  4. Gunners pretty much played their whole starting XI, Bayern mixed in a lot of youth. Bayern’s back line got worked over in the late stages of the match but they looked good. Hoping to see at least one half of full first team ball against Real tomorrow.
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  5. Zlatan is just so money.
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  6. Well the welcome party at the hotel was chaos. I got a couple fist bumps from Neuer, Müller, Gnabry, and Lewandoski for being one of the few grown adults there that wasn’t screaming for an autograph or picture. I’ll take it.


  7. That’s pretty awesome.
  8. Sad that an aging washed up (exaggeration) Swede who isn’t good enough to play for the blue bloods in Europe is light years better than any option we have at that position for the USMNT.
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    True. Like he said, a “Ferrari among Fiats” ha. Hopefully that changes sometime down the line but it may take another 30-50 years, if it even does.
  10. With the direction that American football seems to be headed we may well see some of the better athletes start to pursue other sports. We’ve basically got our rejects playing soccer in this country. We need the elite NFL WR/DB, the NBA PG, the MLB SS/CF of the USA to be playing soccer if we truly want to achieve what we’re capable of. Tell me someone like Kobe Bryant couldn’t have been an elite goalie. Imagine J Reagor in midfield. You get the picture.
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  11. Liked for proper capitalization.
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  12. i completely agree, but the problem is when kids see nba players get 30-35M, baseball players the same, and the attention football players get that is who they want to be, that is why they are certain they will become even though we know the odds.
  13. Which is why we are in dire need of a true American superstar.
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    Gareth Bale, scorer of the winning goal in two of the last six European Cup Finals, has been told to go away by Madrid. So much for gratitude. Apparently, since he earns $17m per year AFTER TAXES, he has refused a reduction in wages and told them "scheiss you pay me." Which I would do too. Supposedly RM wants €60-70m. Spurs rumored to be interested, with Madrid paying half his salary.

    Spurs fans here: would you all want him back?

    edit: €60-70m; it's early and I haven't had my requisite two cups of coffee yet.

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  15. I'd be happy to have him back, but it's a much more crowded midfield than when he left. Still would excite me to have him on the left and Son on the right wing giving Kane service. Bale is a dangerous guy still, but not quite like he used to be. That will continue every year as he ages. I'm not sure it's a responsible way to spend money, but if Real is paying half his salary I would probably do it.
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  16. i am torn as to if there is a true american superstar if the sports media in this country notices in a market place already crowded with football, basketball, and baseball.

    old enough to remember way back in the day of owenby stadium, kyle rote, and the dallas tornado's. i have heard the talk about the number of young kids who play soccer and how the sports we watch in the us will change as they get older and we are 2 generations removed, but last time i checked the big 3 are still the big still.

    houston has a ton of kids who play soccer, international games fill at 60,000+ seat stadium, mexican league doubleheaders will drop more than double the norm for a dynamo game, and there is barely any notice among the local media.

    if christian becomes a star in england does it really change things in the us? the mls in with over the hill euro's dominating is similar to me in guys like pele', georgie best, etc....coming to the nasl
  17. I’m talking a Messi/Ronaldo level star.
  18. not asking for much there are you..........

    the us has been among the elite in the world of track and field for decades, the best of the best are celebrated, but we still see on a fairly regular basis us men who could solely focus on track and make a very, very good living running in the diamond league still choose to play football and never really make it in both.

    i think the change has to be made at the fan level, media level, and institution level versus the emergence of a soccer messiah.
  19. Ronaldo will not face rape charges. DA said they couldn’t prove charges beyond a reasonable level of doubt or something like that.
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    I, for one, believe that you can never go home again. As Purp mentioned, new coach and new team since he was once there. Would be interesting to see though.

    He must be one super weird dude though. This has really changed my opinion of him, not negatively really, just more of a really? Really, you’re that weird guy? I mean I get not liking coworkers, but hardly ever going out with them, when there’s not many of them to begin with...? Not attempting to learn the language very much (if true)...?

    Now, sources are saying Real would be willing to tear up his contract and let him to leave to China for free. That says a lot. But I mean, if the dude found Spain weird, China would be like Mars for him.
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