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  1. The one piece I’d love to see just bust out this year is Watson. If you can get a high BA AND a high slugging % from him like he tried to show us his freshman year I think that gives Schloss and Coach Mo a TON of lineup options they can use to try and blend in the new pieces in the early season.

    Coach Mo seemed really excited about his lineup during this morning’s coaches clinic. So maybe he knows something we don’t.
  2. Best bunting lineup we’ve had here in years?
  3. Wouldn't that be fantastic! Luken sacrificing twice a game to move runners over.
  4. His bunts will fall into the gap for RBI doubles.
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  5. We had so many awful strikeouts last year that I'm looking forward to some new blood. Smaug had a boatload of HRs and was huge in our post season run, but goodness he had a whole bunch of Ks when all that was needed was contact. As did the rest of the lineup. I remember being frustrated the whole season and looking up to find ourselves in Omaha yet again. Schloss is a magician.

    Think we have a chance to have the best weekend rotation in baseball so the offense just needs to be mediocre IMO.
  6. Did you write this tome on your phone or computer???
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  7. I got lost at Barzilli's dreamy hair.
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  8. Meh. Let’s just be good at both.
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  9. I’d imagine he knows quite a bit that we don’t
  10. Mo basically channeled Kent Murphy during his chat with effectively a ‘don’t bunt; hit dingers’ statement.
  11. Agree to disagree
  12. Johnny Rizer (OF) transfer from Blinn listed on d1baseball watchlist for top 10 round draft potential. Don’t recall reading much about him.
  13. I hear that!
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  14. Yeah? Just wait till the season starts and the the usual experts start giving their special brand of advice, then you’ll see who knows the most...
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  15. I’ll start us for the year.... why don’t we move a runner over when the situation dictates? we lose way too many runners to bonehead baserunning. We even had an acronym for it that escapes me.
  16. Was thinking about this last night... I think we have reached almost peak TCU Baseball (sans Natty). Here's my rationale...

    - We have a consensus top 5 program.
    - We have a consensus top 5 preseason club.
    - We have a national MVP candidate. We have several high level MLB draft targets (er-go, good projectable talent)

    And yet, I feel like the feeling of most fans, including myself, is that this year's team isn't THAT great, that we have a lot of "holes", and that if we make it back to Omaha that'll be some kind of over-performance.

    Guys, we gotta start enjoying the ride here. I went and checked and TCU Baseball has major, high level prospects committed through the 2020 class. Whether this team is perfect, or not, is relatively immaterial.

    We are really, really, really, really, ridiculously good looking... Let's just enjoy it.
  17. Every team in America has holes, even Florida. As long as HS kids can sign that will always be the case.
  18. I know, if Schloss et al would just listen we could go undefeated!
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    From D1 Baseball's Top 25 chat today....


    TCU lost a lot from last year's team, what are your expectations for this season? Who are the emerging players to keep an eye on and how much of a leap do you expect Nick Lodolo to take this season?

    Kendall Rogers:
    Dave -- They definitely lost some offensive guys -- but they will have the second best 3-man rotation in the land, IMO, with Nick Lodolo, Jared Janczak and Sean Wymer. That's such a great trio. The bullpen is also in great shape. Obviously the question mark w/ TCU is the offense. Luken Baker is the big returnee, but Josh Watson is a guy that needs to step up in a big way. Freshman Adam Oviedo is going to be a stud, and 3B Conner Shepherd is a really neat player. They've got some pieces to work with offensively, and I think Bill Mosiello will make sure this is a very serviceable offense. I'm not too concerned.

    Does the departure of Chris Del Conte change the Jim Schlossnagle dynamic at TCU in the next couple of years?

    Kendall Rogers:
    Scott -- I don't think so, but never say never. Schlossnagle can stay at TCU and have a statue of him built in a few years. Where else can he go and have that in the future? I think Schloss would be crazy to leave TCU anytime soon.

    also had questions about Texas and Tech....

    Obviously Texas will be solid in the rotation again this year with 3 pitchers in your top 100. Do you think they have enough in the bullpen and at the plate to contend for the Big 12 title though? Seems like a rebuilding year for Pierce and Co.

    Kendall Rogers:
    Great question, HF. I actually think the offense will be OK. Not great, but solid. I think Ryan Reynolds and Austin Todd will take steps forward, and Mason Hibbeler is a guy I didn't see this fall because he was hurt, but a guy whom the coaching staff is very excited about. Kody Clemens is an electric player and Zach Zubia is a real X-factor type. Zubia showed premium and easy power at the NWL this past summer. He wasn't great this fall, but he's got the juice to put together a strong season in the DH role. If there's a question mark for me re: UT, it's the bullpen, though. I like Beau Ridgeway, but I wouldn't be buying Josh Sawyer stock until I see him prove it and stay healthy (he's got the stuff when healthy though). Verplank is another interesting arm to watch. He's got big stuff -- but it's really raw.

    Hey Gents, gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised Tech is starting ranked that high considering how "Jung" they are. I think we have a starting rotation that could easily be one of, if not THE, best starting 3 in the country. Was that a big factor in ranking them at No. 3, or did these guys just look that good in the fall?

    Aaron Fitt:
    The Red Raiders just have a lot back from a team that was downright great last year, even with Davis Martin missing a large chunk of the season. It's hard to beat Martin-Gingery as a one-two punch when they're both healthy, and obviously there's a ton of quality depth behind them too, and a great bullpen. Plus we just love those sophomore position players (Jung, Farhat, Little, Berglund all feel like star-caliber players). Tech was strongly in the discussion for No. 1 for us.

    And Dallas Baptist..

    What are the strengths of Dallas Baptist this year?

    Aaron Fitt:
    I really think that offense is going to be a force of nature -- serious power potential, balance, guys who can hit for average and rack up doubles. To me they're on the short list of most dangerous offenses in the country, led by Jameson Hannah, Devlin Granberg and that superb catching duo of Duce and Woolforth. And they got their top three starting pitchers back, and added a bunch of big power arms, as usual, so I expect the pitching staff to be a strength as well. Honestly, they've got Omaha potential.
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