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  1. I figured as much. I think we did this same dance last year. But thank you to DB who knows much more than me.
  2. FYI the backstory on the delayed roster update is that they typically have a lot of guys trying to make the roster in the fall and they always have guys quit or transfer out for one reason or another, which is necessary to get the roster down to the NCAA limit. So you just never see a roster change from the postseason departures in July until January.

    We should also see some tv designations and times in the next couple weeks. And more preseason polls.
  3. There better be a bunch of games on that Facebook stream this season that aren't on the national or regional networks. America wants more Frog baseball content to watch after work and on the weekends.
  4. Does anyone have any idea what our infield will be?
  5. Gravel, sand, dirt, clay and white chalk.
  6. ...followed around April 1st by some pollen.
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  7. I think we may have some grass in the infield as well.
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  8. 3 bags and a dish...
  9. Damnit! I'm ready for some spring ball! Not talking about March Madness, but ready for that as well!!

    I love me some TCU sports right about now! We are in a golden age of TCU sports. I will hate to see this perfect storm end.
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  10. Maybe it won’t
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  11. I hope it won't. Like I said, we have the perfect storm of GP, JD, and JS as our main 3 mens' sports coaches. I couldn't ask for a better threesome in those positions.

    It's great to be a Horned Frog fan today!
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  12. After watching the Purple-White World Series:
    1. Juco transfer at 3b--Sheperd
    2. Freshman at SS--Oviedo
    3. toss up at 2b--two freshman, Hanoian (LHH), Boulware (RHH), and a juco guy, Crews (LHH)
    4. 1st base--Baker....sometimes Landestoy
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  13. Seems like the college baseball services are slower to start cranking out content this year. Season starts a month from Friday and crickets from D1, Baseball America and Perfect Game. Though the latter has become a joke and BA is basically just Teddy Cahill (disclaimer, who is good and worth a follow).
  14. D1 is releasing their top 25 a week from today. Kendall tweeted out yesterday
  15. Any idea why Horton is no longer on the roster?
  16. Because he's on U La La's
  17. What does that even mean?
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