2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. Miss the deer reading killer frog?
    Yeah, he was pretty quiet early but turned it up. He looks like a good one for sure, especially considering he's a Junior.
  3. Interviewed him after the game. Kid is very soft spoken. He would be a good one to get
  4. https://twitter.com/gosset41/status/809927325202710533
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  5. https://twitter.com/ejholland247/status/810011646118817793
  6. I really liked the junior DT from Aledo. James Williams, 5'11" 290. A human bowling ball that is real hard to block. His center of gravity must be about 3 feet off the ground and he is quick/fast with a motor. Couldn't find a recruiting profile on him. There is this:
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  7. Bit of a Jarrarcea Williams vibe, or maybe Bryce English.
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    Jerry Ball for those who remember. But he (Ball) was bigger. I don't think he could move like Williams though. This kid is the perfect NT. He's either in the backfield or knocking the center into the backfield.
    Of course, this is high school too.
  9. My main question would be is he actually 5'11? Because he looked about 5'9 on TV.
    Kind of disappointed neither of y'all mentioned John Fonua.
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    We offered him, and he seemed to have some interest, but he settled on Arky. Great darning name.
  12. No kidding it's a great name. Four years of Bumper Pool would have been awesome.
  13. We got snookered by the Hogs
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  14. https://twitter.com/979sportzedits/status/812463146015326209
  15. https://twitter.com/jo_moore2/status/768868202084302848

    Assuming it's not us since I don't think we've even offered.
  16. They didn't appear particularly fast in the state championship game I watched. I was underwhelmed given the level of competition and how good they were supposed to be.
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