2017 College World Series Thread

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    The Frogs are in Omaha for the 4th straight year and the 5th time in the last 8 years. During the 4 year run, TCU went 1-2 (WLL), 2-2 (WLWL) and 2-2 (WWLL). In hopes of making the Finals for the first time, TCU will have to win a bracket with #7 National Seed Louisville, Texas A&M and either #3 National Seed Florida or Wake Forest.

    The Bracket: (home team on the bottom)

    CS Fullerton (won Stanford Reg & Long Beach Super)
    #1 Oregon St (won home Reg & Super vs Vandy)
    Florida St (won home Reg & Super vs SHSU)
    #4 LSU (won home Reg & Super vs Miss St)


    Texas A&M (won Houston Reg & home Super vs Davidson)
    #7 Louisville (won home Reg & Super vs Kentucky)
    #6 TCU (won home Reg & Super vs Missouri St)
    #3 Florida (won home Reg & Super vs Wake)*

    * presume game 1 Super winner advances. If Wake advances over Florida, then TCU will be the home team in their first game vs Wake.

  2. GO FROGS!!!!!!
  3. Who do we pitch if its Florida?

    Go with Janczak?
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  4. So we are 8-8 all time in CWS?
  5. I would be very surprised if it's not Janczak in game 1 - whether it's Florida or Wake - and Howard in game 2 - whether it's Louisville or A&M. They're gor best 2 and you want them to be rested for second Omaha starts if possible, whether in bracket play or finals. The order probably doesn't matter because to win a title you probably need 2 wins from both of em. But I suspect Schloss goes with what's worked so far.
  6. Traver has looked so good the last two outings. I would not be surprised at all to see him in game 1.

    How many days has it been since Lodolo pitched? Having the Pirates' first pick sit on the bench all the way through regionals and super is an amazing problem to have.
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  7. Some were saying we were going to start traver in game 1 of the super regionals but stuck with janczak, I think coach sticks with the same order.

    We didn't even see/need traver or lodolo in relief over the weekend. Regionals and supers couldn't have gone any better in terms of using our pitchers.
  8. Texags has a thread "Need Guidance from CWS Regulars", they need us to hold their wittle hands.
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  9. Bumped from the SR thread.

    Now that we are in Omaha with good teams, do we suck again?
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  10. them
  11. Two part answer:

    1) head over to KF.C to hear from regulars

    2) get ready for a barbecue
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  12. Please leave the blessing of other schools to the one and only RollToad.
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  13. My question is does Traver or Lodolo go in Game 3 after we got 2-0???
  14. ^^^ I'd say it comes down to whoever matches up better -- lefty or righty.
  15. Let's win game one. Don't want to project that far ahead yet
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  16. Who the scheiss let the Aggies in this thing?

    All sheep in Nebraska wept.
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  17. You don't draft your 3rd or 4th best starter in game 1 or 2 of a double-elimination tournament. Would mean not only do you risk leaving one or more of your best arms in the pen - you could actually lose yourself a title by not having your best arm available on full rest later in the series.

    I would be in disbelief if Schloss starts Traver or Lodolo before game 3.
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  18. I'm not advocating Lodolo. It's just crazy that we have the ability to go through both the Regional and Super without using the highest drafted pitcher in CBB.

    When healthy (and he certainly looks healthy the last 2 starts), Traver is not a No. 3 or 4. I would not be surprised at all to see him start game 1.
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  19. Oh, [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].. we have a family farm between Omaha and Lincoln with lots of sheep. Unless Aggie is reading this... in which case no, no we don't.
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  20. I would be very surprised if game 1 and 2 don't go to Janczak and Howard, in any order.

    Coach is not picking his rotation by potential(highest drafted pitcher in CBB) but historical proven stats.

    If we plan to make a run at the title, Lodolo, Traver and staff will play a MAJOR role. Let's hope they will get their chance to show their greatness in the big stage.
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