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2016 College World Series Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 12, 2016.

  1.  Agreed, and nonP5 to boot.
    Is this our first time to not be booted by the runner up?
  2. Thanks for the correction (no sarcasm).  I was watching with half my attention while I worked on the other monitor, and didn't see the last strike.  Based on the reaction I assumed it was looking.
    I'm not surprised and I'm not for sure that it's all that great depending on the calculus. I haven't seen the stats on college baseball in a few years but it used to be that a lead off runner on base was scoring in the mid-60% range (and that's the runner that usually gets bunted to second).  It's possible that some would bunt a runner over with one out already but not very often.  And the mid-60% range (I think it was 64% or something) was the average and it didn't take into account whether you had a good or poor offensive team.  The stat I would really like to know is the percentage of times that runner would have scored regardless given the results of the inning, the steal stats of the runner and the CS stats of the catcher, and the statistical probabilities associated with the batter that was asked to sacrifice (GIDP, BA, OBP, etc). What I can't recall is whether the stat I'm recalling is pre-BBCOR or post-BBCOR.
    And I don't remember them saying that it was only the runners advancing to 2B by sacrifice that were scoring at 72%.  I think it would included all sacrificed runners (hopefully excluding sac flies which are inevitable scores).
  4. Think how NCSU must feel.  Didn't they have CC down to its final strike (0-2 count) and then hit the batter and ended up losing?
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  5. 2 years in a row they blow it. Sucks to be them.
  6. Steinhagan makes that catch and odds are we win the whole thing...kind of sucks to be us too
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  7. Umpiring was horrible all throughout the CWS. Balls and strikes were atrocious and numerous missed calls on the bases to include Zona getting jobbed out of what would have been the tieing run Shame for games of this magnitude. Either get better umpires, or have k zone call balls and strikes, and use replay for every out or safe call on the bases. Hate it for all involved.
  8. It seems they picked the right strategy and scored enough runs regardless of how many outs they gave away.
  9. Am I wrong, or is this not the third consecutive year that TCU has lost to the eventual national champions, and no one else?
  10. You're wrong. Virginia won it all last year.
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  11. Andy vandy the year before. We lost to the runner up the first three times in Omaha, and got knocked out by Ole Miss in 2014
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  12. Aggy logic
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  13. Huh?
  14. Posted on ticket Exchange thread, but if ya'll know a Frog Fan interested, please PM me.

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Pretty shippy deal for baseball parking, IMO
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. You realize during baseball season you can park there for free and take a shuttle....are you one of those guys that sells stuff they give away for free for money on ebay to make take advantage of the 97.6% dumbasses in the world?
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  20. I heard Google Earth is now live.  Is that him standing there?
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