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2011 Rose Bowl Aerial Shot During Flyover

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by yurintroubl, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Ran the channel selections through the Histogram and here is what I found (numbers are the total number of pixels selected, a rough estimate of the number of people being represented by color):

    Total - 62,232
    TCU - 28,750 (46.19%)
    Wisconsin - 33,482 (53.71%)

    So like I said, closer to 55-45 than 60-40 and remember the Hornet in the photo skews Wisconsin.
  2. Maybe, but the endzone at 12:00 sure looks to me to be a shadow more than a splotch of purple. Could be wrong. And I might have over-estimated the amount of Wisconsin red in those three mixed sections. Either way, I don't think 40-60 is something to be ashamed of, especially given the ambivalence other teams have had in their bowls. But if it was closer to 45-55, all the better ...
  3. I admit this isn't clean or supposed to represent a scientific or accurate count, but I think it was closer to 55-45 than 60-40. Of course it doesn't really matter since we don't travel well. :tongue:
  4. It is a shadow. That section was all red.

    I would have said 65-35 or maybe 60-40 at the game yesterday. The photos look more like 60-40 to me. Either way, that's a lot of Frogs, and we were loud and looked good on TV. Plus, we won...
  5. :laugh:
  6. Hi all,

    We're the ones who shot the image of the F-18 flyover. Just wanted to introduce ourselves. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Also, we're going through some of the other shots right now. There are some cool ones of the marching band in different formations. Not sure if there is any interest on here, but I can post some if there is.


    Steven Holtzman
    West Coast Aerial Photography
  7. great job
  8. Exaclty. Who cares how many people we had, I do know that one stat was 21-19.
  9. Well I can either get busy at the office or look at pretty pictures

    Post whatever you got
  10. Unfortunately the BCS cares. America cares. A good football program and team involves your fan base. That is a fact. Maybe stupid, but important indeed.
  11. Agreed, again this isn't scientific but as MWF pointed out the school is still being hammered by pundits and opinion writers over attendance, and if the photo helps so be it. I agree, as TopFrog pointed out, that the section at 12 o'clock is actually pretty red and came out more TCU because it was a shadow. However if you account for that and add the section where the F/A 18 is to the TCU tally, then remove the small section at field level around 5:30 which erroneously was tagged as all Wisconsin I think the estimate is still pretty close; 55-45 Wisconsin.
  12. I just noticed on the source site for that photo "the ball was delivered by the Navy Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration Team..."

    Heckfire, we had 'em by the Badger nuggets before kickoff!

  13. Great job on the pic, that was awesome.
  14. What I could never really tell on TV was whether or not the sections from 12 to 3 o'clock (the only truly "mixed" sections) were 50/50 between Wisconsin and TCU fans, or 50% Wisconsin fans and 50% unaffiliated folks. Was there purple in those sections? If so, I believe it was 60/40 overall. If not, I think it was 65/35.

    TCU would still deserve big props for having 30,000 at the game.
  15. Here are some of the marching band pictures.




  16. Awesome photos! Thanks for posting!
  17. new desktop pics
  18. I'm so proud of the fan base.
  19. Photo Pilot:

    Do you sell prints of any of your shots?
  20. Yes we do. Just shoot us an email (mark @ photopilot.com) or give us a call 818.788.5056

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