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2 Club Seats for the KU Game

Discussion in 'Ticket Exchange Forum' started by NDFROG, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. The wife and I can't make the game. I plan on putting them on stub hub, however wanted to offer them here first in case a good Frog was interested. Seats are Sec. 206 (40 yard line), row Q, Seats 18 & 19.

    Unfortunately for me, I've got $400 per into them but don't expect to fetch that for the KU game. Asking $600 for the pair. I know it's a lot but again trying to cut my losses. I will leave them up here a couple of days before putting them online. Feel free to throw out a best offer as well. Might be good enough just to take them off my hands.
  2. Hi-

    Not trying to take advantage of your predicament - and I'm a pretty consistent patron for chair backs in 234-235-236 on Stubhub - but KU is Father/Daughter weekend at her sorority so I would happily snag them from you at a similar price point if the opportunity came along and you ran out of patience. I've never had Club seats and I'd like the experience at least once before May graduation.

  3. Sent you a PM

  5. First incoming PM on this site - I'm embarrassed to say I can't find the button to open it up (although I seem to be logged on). Help?
  6. Still trying to open your PM - would you mind just posting it to me at clonmel@ prodigy.net?

  7. I am unable to find the PM tab. Do you know if this ability comes with full membership to the cite?

  8. I'll take them NDSFrog for your asking price if still available

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