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  1. PurplePainD

    2 West Side Club tickets for UT

    Tickets are gone, thx for inquiries, glad Frogs will be in them
  2. PurplePainD

    4 Football Season Tickets at Cost

    My son, who is potentially class of 2032, is super pissed
  3. PurplePainD

    4 TCU/Texas Tickets in TCU section-Under Face Value

    have a buddy looking for 2 as well, sent PM
  4. PurplePainD

    4 TCU vs Ohio State Club Level Seats

    Just checked, already sold
  5. PurplePainD

    Fiscuits just one thing about the Rose Bowl hat

    Got mine today - brother is jealous! good stuff fiscuits
  6. PurplePainD

    bad news

    QUOTE(HFrog1999 @ Dec 22 2009, 04:25 PM) 484962 I have terrible news. One of Kf.c's top posters slammed his hands in the door of a police car last night at about 2 am. I can't say who this person is, but they may not be able to post for a few weeks. Keep him in your fountain coin wishes. Is...