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  1. general125

    YouTube: TCU Fans During OU

    When does Patterson talk about one of your videos for 7 minutes in his weekly press conference?
  2. general125

    2021 MLB Thread

    No. A Dodgers v. giants best of 5 will be great.
  3. general125

    FWST: Texas’ Chris Del Conte visits Fort Worth, but TCU can’t have it both ways | Opinion

    When you look up "hack" in the dictionary, you'll find Muck's picture.
  4. general125

    Another loss is about to be in the books. Can we please fire Doug Meacham? Please?

    We've needed a new offensive coaching staff for a few years now. It's time!
  5. general125

    YouTube: TCU Fans During the SMU Game

    You encapsulated all of my emotions from the game, you [ "illegitimate Baylor boy" ].
  6. general125

    Ryder Cup thread

    I'm pretty much ignoring the 3pm window for the Ryder cup. Jordan Speith had had a poor afternoon.
  7. general125

    Ryder Cup thread

    I love it. The crowd is rowdy and I like the team aspect.
  8. general125

    Questions for the board about additional upgrades and maybe a Gameday Chat

    I like the idea of a chat for GameDay. Refreshing the thread is so 1998.
  9. general125

    Week 2 Games to Watch / Other Games Thread

    He's been snubbed for his role in News Radio as Jimmy James, "the man so nice they named him twice," and Milton in office space. His versatility has no left and right limits.
  10. general125

    Fox Sports: The $3b betrayal that may tear college football apart and create a Super League

    That's where I'm at too. I can't imagine watching much college football that doesn't include the Horned Frogs.
  11. general125

    2023-2024 European Football Thread

    And Fulham is going back up! The yo-yo is complete! This was the first year I really got to watch games in the EFL Championship, and the games were really entertaining. The offenses at the top of the league are pretty dynamic. Also hated dirty, dirty Leeds are back up too. The prem should be...
  12. general125

    Is Their a Way to Stream the Baseball Games on My Fire Stick or AppleTV?

    This is what I did. Open on PC, cast to TV.
  13. general125

    2020 Baseball Season Thread

    We can only watch this on TV if we buy BTN+? I was thinking this was on BTN overflow or watchable on the Fox Sports app. Bummer. The only good thing about Big 12 Now is I already had ESPN for EFL & Fulham soccer.
  14. general125

    Week 13 other games

    Didn't litigation ruin the America's Cup?
  15. general125

    Another Startlegram put down of TCU

    Bud went to Texas, I believe, although he grew up in Fort Worth right behind Arlington Heights High School. My brief interaction with him was nice, but I choose not to read him or Mac.