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    So long, Sports Illustrated

    1936 Hitler was a relative upstart. The atrocities were years away. He wasn’t yet a pariah. In fact, there were fascist/nazi parties in many counties across Europe including England, France,Spain…
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    So long, Sports Illustrated

    Some of Babylon Bee’s finest work:D Well done.
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    So long, Sports Illustrated

    Haven read it in decades. Neighbor gets it. Picked one up while at his house and it felt like a comic book. Surprised it lasted this long with their insistence to promote fat chicks in bikinis and the whole trans thing.:rolleyes:
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    This NFL "reporter" might want to change professions

    So I Don’t see color means I can’t see racism which means Im a racist? :rolleyes:
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    FWST: Why Kendal Briles is optimistic about the future of TCU’s offense

    Comparing torturing dogs to “where all the white girls at” or whatever is a bit silly.
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    A lot of that sentiment seems to be going around.
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    TCU KU Basketball - CBS

    Plus that Dugan run preceded Kendra Miller’s first dive where the ball clearly extended over the line but was Never reviewed :(
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    FWST: Was TCU robbed against No. 2 Kansas? A look at the controversial ending

    Sheesh! How many steps are you allowed? Flopinson took at least 4 by my calc.:mad:
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    NBC Sports: 49ers could elevate veteran Verrett from practice squad vs. Ravens

    So crazy. We stop a 4th and 10 and RGlll is patted on the head for a good game against a title contender and hovers just outside the Heisman contenders the rest of the year. Certainly never wins it. Do we go undefeated again and…??? Maybe Pachall matures, enters the Heisman talk and becomes a...
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    The new Texas A&M coach is….

    You won’t play us in football but if you search your basketball/baseball forums you can likely find plenty. Lots of hate:rolleyes:
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Agree. Plus, don’t watch. If you’d rather watch Pickle ball or cornhole then be our guest. Huge trip and swag for the young guys especially. For the G5 it can be magical/big .
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    Football Scoop: Sonny Dykes lays bare college football's problems

    How was Sark’s record heading into this year?
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    Awful Announcing: Stephen A. Smith on Florida State's CFP snub: 'Blame no further than TCU'

    Cool. Glad to see were still relevant and wrecking people’s dreams.
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    Frog and Pony Show 2K23

    Still a cost. That money could have been used on additional nil, upgrading their crap stadium and facilities in general…
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    Frog and Pony Show 2K23

    …while a 1 loss Big12 Champ gets in. AGAIN:D
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    Will you root for Texas to be SEC champions next year and beyond?

    Hopefully I will be bathing in the sweet schadenfreude of their struggles paired with those of aggy in perpetuity. Forever dead to me.