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  1. neutral observer

    247 Sports: Make it five! TCU lands fifth commitment of the day with Jevon McIver Jr.

    How many players can you have on your roster? Are they expecting to lose some more current players?
  2. neutral observer

    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Really a nice pickup for the Frogs!
  3. neutral observer

    2023 TCU FB Transferring Out

    I wish the Bailey brothers would stay!
  4. neutral observer

    New Mexico State Stuns Auburn

    They just hired Hugh Freeze. No changes will be coming!
  5. neutral observer

    There is nothing redeeming whatsoever about this team or staff

    I was proud of the fight they showed in the second half. This is something they have been lacking recently!
  6. neutral observer

    Cockroaches vs 1500 lbs of bull Prediction thread

    Too many ifs! Watch basketball instead!
  7. neutral observer

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    That is a great deal of the problem! We don't have the personnel we need at this point in time.
  8. neutral observer

    TCU vs the Lubbock Meat Judging Champs prediction thread

    I will have to agree! This season is lost! Put in the freshmen!
  9. neutral observer

    I have a confession....

    My mistake as well!
  10. neutral observer

    O.K. Now what?

    Perhaps it is time to let some of the younger guys play. I would like to see more of guys like Russell, Bailey, Cook, Johnson, etc. get more reps.
  11. neutral observer

    Fire Joe Gillespie

    Since players are now considered university employees, maybe should fire a few of them instead!