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  1. Froggish

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    What keeps getting lost in all of this PAC talk is that It's still really important to put a compelling product on the field. For all but the bluebloods, viewership and brand awareness is still largely driven by fans of the entirety of the sport. Not neccesserily fans of a particular school...
  2. Froggish

    Social Media Presence. What do we do?

    For what its worth, TCU Football social media is 10x the volume since GP left the building.
  3. Froggish

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    So Apple TV is the latest rumor? Apple is powerful, worldwide company but Apple TV has about 25M subscribers in the U.S. making it pretty far down the list of preferred streaming providers. Seems like it would be pretty isolating for the PAC and its schools. I mean does anyone other than die...
  4. Froggish

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Good point. In this entire saga I think folks are wrongly associating the PACs negotiating issues with the idea that somehow their existing brands have less value than B12 brands. As your pointing out here, that's not the case. There's no appreciative difference in the TV/media value of most B12...
  5. Froggish

    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Inventory/location...Once you get beyond the top 1/2 of the P5, location and inventory is much more important than brands. These linear and non linear media companies need a lot of games. They desperately need content to fill out programming and there is only so many "brands" that drive casual...
  6. Froggish

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    6'7 300+ going into his Sr year. That's a mountain
  7. Froggish

    Why can’t TCU land an elite QB?

    There are 130 FBS teams and generally less than 10 QBs considered elite in every cycle. In addition elite is really just eye of the beholder stuff. If I'm an OC running a pass pro offense did I score an elite QB by getting a 5 star dual threat? I suppose but he's most likely not going to fit my...
  8. Froggish


    Seems like securing media money is a pretty important part of the poaching equation. Nobody is leaving for the Big12 patch on the jersey
  9. Froggish

    FWST: Joe Gillespie wants TCU defense to take next step against West Virginia

    Jimbo and Sark are their own OCs. Why would anyone who wants to call plays go to either school? They would be Chad Glasgow to GP.
  10. Froggish

    The Oklahoman: Defensive substitution rule becomes ‘kind of a trainwreck’ for Oklahoma State football

    Breaking story.... Head Coach tries to exploit the rules for his benefit.... Story as old as time.
  11. Froggish

    KU Prediction Thread

    32-27 TCU. This one feels like a bit of a grinder.
  12. Froggish

    Is the WR Screen the new SSO?

    TCU is 6'4, 6'5 x 2 (if you include the H) at Wr...They should have some serious matchup advantages on the outside. Throwing quick game keeps a teams Nickel or overhang from creeping to close in run support. Its probably thrown more than people like but IMO it has it place in setting up other stuff
  13. Froggish

    Leading up to OU game: how does TCU look so far?

    Pass rush is an issue but the DL criticisms are a little overblown. In this system that pressure is meant to come from a free runner. Usually a LB, S, or both. A large portion of drop backs have seen TCU rushing 3 and dropping 8 against 6 man protections. Unless you have an NFL type DL your not...
  14. Froggish

    SMU game time?

    Texas A&M and Arky playing at Jerry World that same weekend. Will probably play a little bit of a TV role.
  15. Froggish

    Point spread

    Opening games are rough bets. Still TCU owns the talent edge and its offense should be the best unit playing in this game. I wouldn't lay -14 with this much uncertainty but TCUs talent is definitely 14 better than CUs
  16. Froggish

    Fox, ESPN to open talks with Big 12 about conference's next television deal

    This doesn't change the fact that the pathway to stability for both conferences is decapitation the other. The Big12 would love to have a piece of the Pacific Time Zone and likewise the PAC would love to have some Central. One thing is certain, The Big12 is going to want a extension that allows...
  17. Froggish


    Anyone here make it out to the Flying T Club Party tonight? If not you missed out on an amazing night. TCU NIL is cooking and the Flying T Club has it really popping. I’m not very familiar with the Think NIL folks but if they are getting the same buy in as the Flying T folks than TCU NIL is...
  18. Froggish

    Scrimmage observations

    That Ok St 4-2-5 was pretty different than GPs version. It morphed into 3 down / 3 high quite a bit
  19. Froggish

    Scrimmage observations

    Nobody has really seen all the defensive 1s go together very often. THT hasn’t practiced much in team in over a week and we’ve had a few others miss time. If everyone is healthy I think we can be average defensively which would be a huge upgrade over 2021. Our depth, outside of CB, is pretty...
  20. Froggish

    Scrimmage observations

    He’s not just Uber athletic but he also has the best arm and most polished mechanics of any our QBs. His issues are all experience and rep related. Covid killed his Sr year of HS football in Illinois and he had barely played the position up to that point. He needs tons of reps and time. Could be...