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    FWST: Why the stakes are so high for TCU’s rematch at Texas Tech

    Definitely true, but this one does have some added significance in terms of tourney seeding. Since this is the first (and only) year with 14 teams, it’s worth emphasizing the point that the 4 seed gets two byes and a spot in the quarterfinals. Having the tie breaker over Tech would greatly...
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    TCU men's basketball has come a long way

    We even added on another "l" to "basketball" since then!
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    FWST: Jameer Nelson Jr. hits game-winning shot to lift TCU past Kansas State

    Maybe better said that in relative terms the next four are tougher than our final two game stretch: Depending on the site, our win % for the final six games are Bart torvak: Tech- 31% Cincy- 67% Baylor- 53% BYU- 24% WVU- 72% UCF- 75% Massey: Tech- 37% Cincy- 66% Baylor- 48% BYU- 39% WVU- 60%...
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    WOG Basketball Tryouts

    Ha! Yeah I had a similar experience with mine. But I get that a lot with a lot of classic 70s and 80s movies I try to get them to watch. These Gen Y kids have some taste issues.
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    WOG Basketball Tryouts

    Maybe third best, then! I'm a huge fan of Breaking Away. One of my personal "top 5" favorites.
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    WOG Basketball Tryouts

    Second greatest Sports movie based in Indiana.
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    ESPN: Quentin Johnston says 'I'm due for a breakout' under Jim Harbaugh

    He struggled to get separation in the games I watched.
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    TCU vs Texas Tech MBB Game

    Plus his FT shooting and calm demeanor are gold down the stretch, especially with the lead.
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    2024 Football Schedule

    I meant no other teams we play are coming off a bye. IOW no teams have two weeks to prepare for us in conference. I did look up SMU and they do have a bye before us.
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    2024 Football Schedule

    First glance I don't think we play anyone coming off a bye?
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    MBB Free throw shooting

    Interesting. Not addressed but also wonder if the bank shot results in an increased chance of an offensive rebound if missed, since perhaps longer and more random bounces?
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    GoFrogs: TCU at OSU MBB Preview

    Coles in at the 5 at the end of a game makes a lot of sense. Gives another offensive option and the games slows down for him. Also good FT shooter.
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    TCU 360: University employee steals a quarter million dollars worth of pre-Columbian pottery

    So the theft happened ~25 years ago and they are just now finding out?
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    GoFrogs: No. 19 TCU at Cincinnati Preview

    Seen it so many times- start out hot and you want to sit back and watch your shots instead of moving and hustling.
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    Heartland College Sports: Jamie Dixon Continues to Revamp Winning Culture at TCU

    Going 2-1 in those first three was huge- gotta bank the wins while you can. Every game is tough in the Big 12. Should be favored in four or five of the next six games, but the reality is that all are basically toss ups.
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    GoFrogs: TCU to Retire Williams’ Jersey

    Yeah any other school it probably doesn't happen, but cool to see anyway. He has some good stats- #4 all time rebounds at TCU and #1 career +/- (although fairly sure that is only last 15-20 years). But beyond that really a fairly remarkable basketball career-smashing expectations at every level...
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    GoFrogs: No. 9 Oklahoma at TCU MBB Preview

    Old enough to remember chanting S-E-C at Daniel Meyer against Arky and Oliver Miller.
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Yeah, and people forget the "nature abhors a vacuum" dogma. With a 14 team league, most years a couple teams in the Big 12 are going to have 10+ wins and most likely in the playoff. Then anything can happen in the playoff. 12 team playoff will definitely help the Big 12, IMO. A 4 team playoff...
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    Norman Transcript: Sooners up against TCU's tempo in first road test

    Seems like that guy gave up halfway through his article and said "screw it, this is good enough."