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    247 Sports: TCU's Savion Williams having a breakout season

    Or a nice steady growth over the last 3 years.
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    OU needs Somebody to Roll

    She didn't really say that .?.
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    OU needs Somebody to Roll

    The frogs better play 4 quarters and get hot in the very beginning... this will be like a revenge qame for the Sooners... losing to a Big12 team and now have to crush the next Big XII team they play.
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    247 Sports: TCU HC Sonny Dykes gets emotional discussing quarterback Max Duggan

    Yes... it reminded me how Charlie Cryst blew the Rose Bowl game against us. Find the formula that works, and the try other things for the fun of it .?.
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    FWST: TCU faces more uncertainty at quarterback after Chandler Morris injury

    They all played well at QB ... staff might want to bring back Battle for QB reps ... for added depth.
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    Colorado Pre-Game Thread

    That's what most thought 2 nites ago. Wonder what she popped between sets 2 and 3, when she left the Court.?. She looked much fresher in set 3 than either 1 or 2.
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    CCFP Expansion Approved!

    12 teams is total Crap. The National Championship Team will be within the top 5-7 ranked teams only. So, 8 is more than enough.
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    Eagles Wire: Jalen Reagor makes Eagles 53-man roster

    2 Frogs traded to the Vikes so far
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    Arizona Republic - PAC12 realignment, expansion:

    Totally agree ! We the Media and the 2 leagues(B12/P12) know exactly where all this is going and the outlook.
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    Point spread

    We beat Baylor last year. That was NEVER suppose to happen, LisaLT ... in Waco too !!
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    What we get with UH

    I do my best ?#?%?$?&?
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    Arizona Republic - PAC12 realignment, expansion:

    You should ask the Thread You should ask the OP... sure he/she would be OK with that...
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    What we get with UH

    Was unaware there was an argument.?.
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    What we get with UH

    Houston has had a Law School for over 70 years... and recently opened their own medical school.
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    Doug Meacham assistance

    Yes, as much of a fan of Meach I am, sending Meach gift cards and GFM funds, would be as foolish as someone suggesting Alex Jones being nominated for the Medal of Freedom award.
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    Doug Meacham assistance

    God bless you !!!
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    Doug Meacham assistance

    Not Progressive.?.
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    Pretty proud of our group this August

    Hummm .... they were a pretty effervescent group !
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    Pretty proud of our group this August

    Believe Asleep at the Wheel had a pretty nice version of that ....