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    FWST: Why Kendal Briles is optimistic about the future of TCU’s offense

    “Seemingly”’doing a lot of work in this post. You know you can actually look it up right?
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    Udeh was a NO SHOW against Kansas

    Sort of looks like that’s what we did.
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    Udeh was a NO SHOW against Kansas

    I didn’t get to see the game and obviously wouldn’t touch a game thread - did we try fronting HD the whole night or just on the last play? Don’t love that strategy there. You’re never going to get that push off called at Kansas.
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    Two Possible DC Candidates

    Because they score so many points?
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    Sources: Gary Patterson a strong candidate at Houston

    He couldn’t stop either after 2015.
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    Holgerson out at Houston

    I like Dana personally but he hasn’t fielded a decent offense in more than a decade and we have posters here pushing him as a potential OC? Does anyone actually watch the games or do they just go off of 2005 reputations? GP’s defenses sucked after Bumpas and Dana runs an air raid that can’t move...
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    The new Texas A&M coach is….

    Pay $80 million to get rid of the guy that took them to 7-5 so they can pay a different guy $80 million that went 7-5 this year. Gig em
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    Coach Dykes' Post Game Comments RE: Coordinators

    How did it take this long for me to figure out that Frogball is one of the worst posters on the board? Did he used to be reasonable and then got broken by the Briles hire? Or was it the Sonny hire? Or has he always been awful?
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    Should Sonny make a run at Coach O?

    Sorry that your attempted snipe at Briles backfired on you.
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    Should Sonny make a run at Coach O?

    Apparently you did lol. Idiot
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    So who is the actual QB this week/moving forward?

    Yet you expect Briles to scheme around that? Totally makes sense.
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    Nobody takes him seriously already. We have a QB that has thrown for 400+ in 2 of 5 starts and a line that can’t run-block, but he still wants three yards and a cloud of dust.
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    Teams that can’t block in the interior. Next question.
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    The Spun: Former TCU Coach Gary Patterson Makes His Intentions About Coaching Clear

    OU could have beaten us by 10 scores in both of those games in 2017 if they wanted to. They scored easy touchdowns on roughly 5 straight possessions in each game when the game was not yet in doubt. Lincoln owned GP’s defense.
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    Post-Game Press Conference…

    Can you name the various inexperienced boobs underneath Dykes? Just a simple list will do.
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    FWST: TCU wide receiver Savion Williams has career day in Horned Frogs’ loss against Texas

    You’re obviously just saying that to bash the OC but it doesn’t comport with the actual metrics. His PFF grades are amongst the lowest of the position group.
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    Get out of here with the excuses....

    That was not press coverage. He gave him a 10 yard cushion.
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    Sonny Dykes the benefactor?

    Those original numbers should have been doubled at a minimum. And your list is generous because Jasper Lott was a TE. Talk about mailing it in from a coaching staff…
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    Sonny Dykes the benefactor?

    These posters just don’t like the hire and are going to blame the staff no matter what. The 2020 and 2021 classes were so bad that it’s almost criminal. Especially on the OL and DL. Go find a player from those classes that is still around and making a difference. And to act like the portal is...