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  1. Gserv1

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    I usually work the night shift so last night was the first time I heard it. I was wondering who the scheiss does that and why the police haven’t been called.
  2. Gserv1

    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    I heard that tonight! I thought somebody was shooting with the constant popping noises then I listened more closely and heard the revving. It was kinda faint so I don’t think it came from my apartment complex.
  3. Gserv1

    Hawaii Pacific Game Canceled

    One of their players died.
  4. Gserv1

    2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

    I just hope that we don't have to beat the refs tonight...
  5. Gserv1

    Frogs vs. Bonnies

  6. Gserv1


    Just got into a screaming match with the old man, so everything is going fantastic today....
  7. Gserv1

    2017 CFB: Week 5 Other Games Thread & TV Schedule

    Do you think they will jump us in the polls?
  8. Gserv1

    Gas shortage due to the hurricane

    Fuel truck just pulled up at the QuikTrip on Granbury and I-20. They still have regular unleaded also.
  9. Gserv1

    Daily Comet: TCU’s Hill ready to help Horned Frogs bounce back

    I'm taking the "wait and see" approach. I didn't believe in Boykin before the 2014 season also, but look what he accomplished.
  10. Gserv1

    A$M favored tomorrow

    I wouldn't be surprised if we went 0-2 in this CWS.
  11. Gserv1

    TCU Vegas Win Total O/U

    I have no idea how this season will play out. Depends a lot on Kenny Hill's play. Also, how is the defense coming around. I just don't know...
  12. Gserv1

    The Jamie Dixon MBB Recruiting Thread

    I think that i'm more excited about basketball than any other sport. Can't wait until next season.
  13. Gserv1

    Lucking in the shadows...

    Lucking in the shadows...