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    I guess if you don't give $$ to a NIL, you can't be a fan

    If NIL is never going away, then why can’t the NCAA simply mandate that each school take a socialistic approach to distribution of the money? Why not divide it equally between each player on the roster? May not seem fair by the star player(s), but it’s the same thing at every school. Yes, I...
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    I guess if you don't give $$ to a NIL, you can't be a fan

    What a sad but dead-on correct thread
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    OT: Favorite Professor at TCU

    Dr. Ken Morgan - he taught me how to actually study…..a practice I never learned how to properly do in middle and high school - his advice stuck with me all throughout college, and I’ve repeated his advice to anyone who would listen over the last 40+ years Dr. Bill Reese - simply for saving my...
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    OT: Moving companies

    Thank y'all so much I sincerely appreciate it!!
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    OT: Moving companies

    I know it's the wrong forum, but little action in HHA Just checking to see if anyone has a suggestion for a good moving company. I'm moving from FW to Weatherford in about 5 weeks. I've been in the same house since 2007, and the bonafide firemen that I used to use have retired (2 or 3 person...
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    Lawn Sprinkler installer

    After next week, I’ll be able to dig a little deeper into this. I will be calling the referrals from Showtime Joe and Brog
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    Lawn Sprinkler installer

    My bad…I worded my original question poorly. “Installers” was a poor choice of words I was asking for quality and reasonable sprinkler installation companies in Fort Worth
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    OT: Attorney question

    Can anyone give a recommendation for an estate planning attorney? I have a lot of experience with criminal attorneys (due to my job...not my misdeeds), but no experience with estate planning. I'm not rich, but I do want to set up trusts with specific conditions for my 2 adult daughters. I do...
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    Luke Savage

    Channel 5 news just did an excellent segment on Luke Savage, regarding his tennis shoe project for kids in Dominican Republic….it’s called Blessed Feet. Great story. He seems like an outstanding young man!! I encourage y’all to watch the segment when you have a chance.
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    OT - Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, River Oaks

    You're referring to Wesley Wayne Miller
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    OT: Divorce Attorney

    I’m not attorney, but have been thru this. I see where you stated, “my wife has been fairly reasonable, but I do have some concerns.” I obviously don’t know what the concerns are, but is out of the question for the 2 of you to at least sit down and discuss the possibility of working out an...
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    Things I Miss

    Feel like a dork typing sticks, instead of stilts. Duh And I’d be remiss not mentioning missing my dear friend Tony Eierdam (aka: 2314) 35+ years of him being a loyal buddy who would have done anything for a friend. Really, really good dude
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    Things I Miss

    Great lists!! Add Pizza Hut on sticks
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    Abortion is now (for the most part) banned in Texas

    Well, we’ll just see how pro-life extremists feel, when the victim of a sex crime is their beloved daughter, wife, sister, or mother. It’s flat stupid that anyone chooses not to see the obvious idiocy of a “no abortions, period” law.
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    Abortion is now (for the most part) banned in Texas

    It’s outright disturbing that there are people walking this earth that also hold your opinion. No normal thinking human would think that a rape or incest victim should be forced to carry then give birth to a forced-upon child. Insanity
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    DEFY DENY.... What does this mean?

    And vice versa
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    DMN: TCU confronts its history with the Confederacy, racism on campus

    She's disturbingly ugly.....sort of resembles The Joker. Guess she needs to blame her parents for that. I think it's ok to say that, in these days and times.....it's only anti-ugly, and I haven't really seen many protests against that.....yet.
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    Aledo gonna Aledo

    Don't throw the entire school under the bus, just because of the vile actions of a few. The district handled this appropriately, then word got out, and now the entire school, and basically the entire district, is being vilified.
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    Jeff Gladney in trouble

    HA.....first thing that popped in my mind too :O
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    Jeff Gladney in trouble

    Those who live in glass houses.....