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    tragic death of Zach Muckleroy, big Frog supporter, TCU ex

    Deep peace to the Family, and all who love them.
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    Utah NIL Group Gives Lease Trucks To Team

    And when their scholarship is over for any reason, the leased truck has to be returned. I'd rather have cash.
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    Gameday Thread: Frogs and Cougars in H-Town

    Light rain in Katy area. We sure need the rain. Skies are clearing to the east.
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    FWST: Ex-TCU QB Bram Kohlhausen suffered major injuries after he fell from a helicopter

    Any new info on Bram??? Still thinking of and praying for him.
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    TCU vs Virginia

    dumb quesation: What happened to the TCU 'wooooo'? Congrats Frogs. GREAT WIN!!!!
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    TCU could host the super regional

    Done, in honor of TCU Horned Frogs.
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    Bram Kolhausen in ICU

    I happened to run in to this first update on FB. If I see another update, I'll post it, for sure.
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    Bram Kolhausen in ICU

    (Posted by Katy Reichstein Winter on FB) Bram update: The newest Bram update that I received from a family friend. Keep up the prayers…….. Bram’s update from today 8/18. Feel free to pass along. Small wins are what we are rooting for right now. Bram keeps fighting hard to get them. I’m happy...
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    DMN: Lancaster offensive tackle Tobias Steppes commits to TCU

    Welcome to TCU, Tobias! GO FROGS!!!!!
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    Travis Jackson - '24 DL Commit

    Welcome to TCU, Travis! GO FROGS!!!!
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    The Briles Kid -- What do we think now?

    I'm all for giving Briles a chance at TCU, as he has a good mind for offense. I'm also all for Sonny firing Briles within a nanosecond if he has one issue with scummy tactics. Sonny chose to hire him, and I feel certain Sonny knows to keep a firm eye on him.