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    2023 TCU FB Transferring Out

    I hope we can keep the brothers because they’re gamers but I ageee they’re not world beaters
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    Jimbo Out of There

    After the 1981 season, A&M was the first program I knew of to make a true money play by hiring Jackie Sherrill from Pitt for what was a huge sum of money at that time. Circa 1983, I ran into Sherrill at a gas station in Navasota- he was driving a maroon Mercedes convertible and wearing a...
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    As I remember, Royal said something to the effect that a cockroach is pretty harmless except that it can fall into something and ruin it. TCU won again in Austin in 1965 and 1967 then had a 25 year continuous loss streak that ended in Fort Worth in 1992.
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    TCU vs the Lubbock Meat Judging Champs prediction thread

    The frogs return to closer version of their ‘22 form. TCU 24 Tech 13 Bailey rushes for 160 yards
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    OT: prayer request

    Thoughts and prayers. Best wishes.
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    TCU vs the Little Apple Mildkatz Prediction Thread

    Last week I said we’d win 45-10 and was off by 1 point per team. This week: TCU 24 KSU 13 Both defenses prepare well for the new quarterbacks.
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    Hoover should start the rest of the year

    this is three injuries in three seasons for CM. Evidence points to him not being able to stay healthy.
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    TCU vs the fighting Joseph Smiths Prediction thread

    I was pretty close on the prediction of the score (45-10), eh?
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    TCU vs the fighting Joseph Smiths Prediction thread

    Me and Joe Smith have our own thing going. I decided to give his boys and extra point and take one away from us.
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    TCU vs the fighting Joseph Smiths Prediction thread

    The Egyptian gold plates that Joe Smith found in upstate NY are also found in Fort Worth tomorrow. TCU 45 FLDS Enablers 10
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    Fire everyone, end the football program, burn the school down

    My father in law went to his grave believing that the Baylor Baptists burned TCU down. Who knows? They’ve proven to be quite capable of committing evil acts.
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    FWST: TCU quarterback Chandler Morris will be out ‘for a while’ with MCL injury

    Invited Walkon Pardee? The other QBs have jersey #s in the 20s, whatever that means.
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    Worst football team at TCU in decades

    Fred Taylor, as I recall, was slow to add African American athletes and Patterson wasn’t embracing the transfer portal or NIL. It seems that old line coaches with old values typically don’t adjust well in this game.
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    TCU vs Iowa State Prediction Thread

    TCU 49 ISU 7 TOP TCU 34min, ISU 26 minutes Chandler finally gels with our receivers and we play up to our potential. Our defense guesses right with blitz packages and we stuff their suspect run game.
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    Utah NIL Group Gives Lease Trucks To Team

    I like this move as it probably serves to disincentivize players from transferring out, particularly to smaller programs that may not be able to pay for a vehicle.
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    TCU vs the West Virginia Couch Burners Prediction Thread

    TCU 31 WVU 10 Emani get 130 yards on the ground.
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    This Week’s Other Games

    I remember reading years ago that a FCS program needed to average 20,000 in attendance in order to be considered for FBS. Once in FBS, if there is a requirement, look no further than Dallas to know it’s certainly not enforced.
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    Did anyone else miss the article on our game in the Sun. DMN?

    Fewer and fewer are being printed every day. Maybe that's why we have so many problems with ignorance.
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    Okie State

    I only want them to beat OU at the end of the season, but history is not on OSU's side (OU is 91-19-7 all time in the series).
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    How are we feeling about the Ponies?

    We need to remind them why they had to buy their way into P4.