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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Uuhh.. Our star RB came from UL didn't he? Was Double D complaining about that a few years ago? And Newton came from even smaller place IIRC...
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Did I read this correctly... KSU has lost all of their QB's to the portal?
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    If you are a fan of a team not in the Big 10 or the SEC, you've got to NOT watch to try to send a msg that only having 2 conferences participate does not drive the bottom line. I will not be watching.
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    Southern MBB just beat ranked Miss St!

    Just thought I'd drop this in as a new MBB post. Sorry if this was covered somewhere else
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    GoFrogs: TCU at Georgetown MBB Preview

    Crazy stuff happens this time of year... Kentucky just lost to UnC Wilmington... So this win is awesome. It's all about conference play now.
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    GoFrogs: TCU at Georgetown MBB Preview

    That's a great win! Doesn't matter how good or not Georgetown is.. they are a big name in a good conference. This is the kind of win that builds character, confidence, and culture. They can really build on this.
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    2023 TCU FB Transferring Out

    Meh. If he was hurt all year, then hate it for him and hopes he catches on somewhere and can stay healthy... If he just couldn't get on the field (this year especially), then it's prolly good for both parties.
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    247 sports says changes might happen at coordinator(s) in next 24 hours

    I love it when we rush 3 and provide the WR's with 10 yard cushions... Hoping all that room scares them so bad that they drop the ball... My 2nd favorite thing is seeing a slot WR blow by a safety (lined up 15 yards away)
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    Week 13 other games

    Watching farmageddon in the snow. First off, that's awesome. Secondly, lots of these guys aren't the types we recruit .. why? I have no clue because they are tough in the trenches and we need tough right now.
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    Coach Dykes' Post Game Comments RE: Coordinators

    Just listened. He could have easily said nothing .. his comments made me think that one of them is gone. Who knows? Just a feeling though. In retrospect, he's not wrong. One side of the ball improved in some areas (with a RFR and with WR's being injured) while another one didn't. Just my...
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Baylor, Whatever Its Called Now Edition (Nov 18, 2023; 2:30PM)

    So you are saying that our coaches have to coach our players to not get out worked, to give better effort, to not get beat deep in man on man coverage, to not miss field goals, to not make dumb penalties, etc? The player in your mind has NO responsibility? I vividly remember CGP tell us one...
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    FWST: Amid such a disappointing season, would TCU move on from either coordinator?

    It's a good question. If I was a QB, I'd throw it to him or Savion every time... It took a QB chg to get the ball to Savion and to feature Wiley .. the defense dictates where you go with the ball, but it appears to me that the current QB wants to go to #19 and #3 a lot.... And it works assuming...
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Baylor, Whatever Its Called Now Edition (Nov 18, 2023; 2:30PM)

    Not a Briles fan... Let me say that... But the fact that some of you just give these players (many of whom are getting paid) absolutely no accountability is beyond me. Drops, bad interceptions, fumbles, getting dominated at the line of scrimmage, getting owned in several games, missing blocks...
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    Oregon says hi
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    Aren't we undefeated in this varied red combo?
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    And BU tried the same thing but we snuffed it out and they couldn't pitch it. Pretty stupid.
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Baylor, Whatever Its Called Now Edition (Nov 18, 2023; 2:30PM)

    Great job throwing the ball. That was great... But our running game is atrocious. I get the anti-Briles gang argument... But if you can't run the ball at all, then what do you call? He's definitely got one hand tied behind his back... We've got to hit the recruiting hard for OL.
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    247 Sports: TCU HC Sonny Dykes talks Frogs' defensive scheme, where improvements can be made

    While I think that we need to bring more pressure vs. just a three man front, it's easy for OC's to figure out how to exploit constant blitzing. Therefore, I don't mind sometimes just rushing three and playing coverage. What drives me absolutely insane though, is that we just bring three a lot...
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    FWST: Amid such a disappointing season, would TCU move on from either coordinator?

    Our scoring inefficiency comes from a lack of home run capability and the inability to blow anyone off the line of scrimmage at the goal line. How many short yardage situations have we failed at this year? Way too many! We can keep people off balance and move the ball just fine. But to score up...
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    TCU vs. Baylor now 'officially' known as "The Bluebonnet Battle"

    The Fight for Heaven at Hell's Half Acre!