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  1. Deep Purple

    Tackled in end zone, no safety?

    Yes, "I doubt" is your most often-used phrase on this board. Well, doubt all you want. Doesn't change the fact of the matter. Possibly, but plenty here would have candidly admitted, "We caught a break. That was a safety." It's happened plenty of times before when the Frogs had uncalled PIs...
  2. Deep Purple

    Tackled in end zone, no safety?

    By being discussed. We've had threads on this board about latest movies, favorite beers, great TV shows and all manner of assorted crap. And you're complaining about an authentic football thread?
  3. Deep Purple

    Tackled in end zone, no safety?

    Acknowledged, but I'll bet it does make a difference to the morale of those defensive men, who felt they'd earned a safety.
  4. Deep Purple

    Tackled in end zone, no safety?

    You're correct that Stone crossed the line and then recrossed back into end zone, where he got sacked. It's incorrect to call that "forward progress." Forward progress is "the end of advancement by the ball carrier or airborne pass receiver ... when [the ball] becomes dead by rule." (Rule...
  5. Deep Purple

    SMU mascot a murderer

    The original Bevo was half-wild. He had charged numerous parties from reporters to UT students. Since he wasn't tame enough to display on campus or the football sidelines, and since his food and care cost UT 50¢ per day (almost $500 per year in today's money) Bevo was fattened up, then...
  6. Deep Purple

    I don’t like this personal calling out of players

    Oh? Did somebody else write this?
  7. Deep Purple

    The Duck Takes Some Pokes at Coach Prime.

    I understand the Deion hate, but that Duck really needs to keep it under control and not lose his head like that.
  8. Deep Purple

    Gameday Thread: Skillet Edition

    Actually, I've seen the same practice on some ESPN channels. Not for the main channel of course, but for some of their secondary channels.
  9. Deep Purple

    Dykes calls out AAC officiating crew

    He initially advanced just beyond the goal line (though not as far as the 1), but then he voluntarily retreated into the end zone to avoid the rush and was sacked. The officials should know that a voluntary move back by the ball carrier (rather than getting involuntarily pushed back) does not...
  10. Deep Purple

    Gameday Thread: Skillet Edition

    Since the Great TCU Turnaround in 1998, SMU's record vs TCU is 4-20. They must be so proud.
  11. Deep Purple

    New TCU Shoes from HEYDUDE

    If your masculinity is fragile, Hey Dude is definitely not the shoe for you. To wear Hey Dudes, you must be a confident heterosexual male.
  12. Deep Purple

    DMN: TCU athletic director urges Congress to step in as NIL deals upend college sports

    So if I understand you right, student-athletes are part-time university employees entitled/subject to at least minimum wage, federal and FICA withholding, part-time employee benefits like paid time off, paid holidays, etc, etc. You sure that's where we want to go?
  13. Deep Purple

    Another new look helmet this week....

    Dallas Area.
  14. Deep Purple

    I'll say what everyone is thinking...

    You must really be into old tropes. That's what she said...
  15. Deep Purple

    My Little Pony Look A Likes

    Bedhead Preston Stone Bedhead Bill Pullman
  16. Deep Purple

    Frog and Pony Show 2K23

    Lost me when he referred to Duke, Stanford, & UVA as SMU "academic peers."