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  1. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Gameday Thread: Skillet Edition

    No flyover. :( Go Frogs!
  2. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Fire Kendal Briles

    Let me begin with stating how much I cannot stand Art Briles. The special needs section called the police in me for my alcohol-induced truth bombs during the 2015 game after the Josh Doctson mauling in 2014. Two notes: 2014-TCU long snapper sailed one right before half that Baylor recovered...
  3. PurpleBloodSpitter

    OT - Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

    Thanks for reminding of kilkenny! Love it.
  4. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Takeaways Good and Bad

    Flyover was one of my favorite so far. Right up there with the rose bowl. Unfortunately timing was off with the national anthem. Think the call was off. Band clearly showed down - probably based specific timing, then the F-18s were early. Still awesome. Crowd was outstanding despite what...
  5. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Some of yall might like this....

    Flyovers are the prefect start to a kick ass game.
  6. PurpleBloodSpitter

    TCU vs Coach Prime and his fighting buffalos Prediction Thread

    Been thinking this for a while and wow would make a statement.
  7. PurpleBloodSpitter

    D Magazine: TCU’s Ambitions Are Bigger Than the Iron Skillet, and North Texas is Worse For it

    Yes, but I would argue the one is OU. Texas and SMU have nearly identical records against TCU since TCU joined the Big 12.
  8. PurpleBloodSpitter

    2023 Football Regular Season Predictions

    Wow twice as good as last year!
  9. PurpleBloodSpitter

    2023 Football Regular Season Predictions

    10-2. ut is actually decent enough they get the opportunity to lose to TCU twice this year - once in the regular season; once in the B12 championship. At least the eATMe rep in the Johnny Football Netflix special had the honesty to admit eATMe was a middle of the road B12 team before leaving to...
  10. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Looking for a great purple drink or shot.

    Aviation or G&T with Empress Gin. Perfect TCU color.
  11. PurpleBloodSpitter

    TCU at TECH 2015 What a game!

    The Hamburglar!!! Greatness!!!
  12. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Way OT, but still not controversial

    You can’t be considered woke of you speak English properly. Give the weekend edition of NPR’s Up First a listen.
  13. PurpleBloodSpitter

    KillerFrogs/FN: TCU Football: Most Memorable Games Since Joining the Big 12

    Actually a great list and recap of some great games. I too remember Ohio State as the missed opportunity for an epic road game in the horseshoe - so disappointing… as disappointing as Shawn Robinson. TCU was the better team except at quarterback where they were woefully outmanned. Every time...
  14. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Bolavip US: Panthers QB Andy Dalton refuses to accept an evident truth about his career

    Good for Andy. What a wonderful human being and NFL quarterback. 24th in all-time passing yards 27th in all-time passing TDs 32nd in all-time rushing TDs If you make fun of these stats, you are clueless.
  15. PurpleBloodSpitter

    Fox News: Alabama's Nick Saban rails against College Football Playoff system: 'Do you really get the best teams?'

    Let’s let Nick, sad decaying shadow of his former self, come out and anoint Kirby the 2023 national champion based on Vegas odds. Why draw the arbitrary line at four teams? Georgia is the favorite - call them the champion, save all the money on the season, send it ti Ukraine and save a third of...
  16. PurpleBloodSpitter

    TCU-ORU June 20th Game Thread

    AD should just rip the ball from the first baseman’s glove, toss it to the crowd, and trot over to third.
  17. PurpleBloodSpitter

    TCU-ORU June 20th Game Thread

    Shocker. Oops now he’ll come for me.
  18. PurpleBloodSpitter

    That’s the way baseball go…. It’s Omaha, get up and win your next game!

    We have arguably the number one sports program in the country. Some here have really become ‘privileged’ ‘fans’. I was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow like I was in Glendale, LA, and Denver. What a blessing we have this school, AD, coaches, and players to cheer for and represent...
  19. PurpleBloodSpitter

    TCU hosting in Fort Worth

    Where can we get tickets???