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  1. Froglaw

    Tackled in end zone, no safety?

    You’re Post is ignorant. Sonny did not make his comments for Frog fans. He did it so his players will know he’ll defend their on field performances against all comers. it had nothing to do with the score.
  2. Froglaw

    SMU mascot a murderer

    Hence the tradition was set up for Craig James and his alleged rampage at The Hilltop!
  3. Froglaw

    Where was our skillet? Flyover?

  4. Froglaw

    Where was our skillet? Flyover?

    Come on Sports Administration. Do your job. No Hornedfrog Classic either. We got to the CFP so we raise ticket prices and call it a day? Tradition matters!
  5. Froglaw

    Gameday Thread: Skillet Edition

    Yep, where was the Skillet?
  6. Froglaw

    FWST: TCU may not care, but SMU to ACC will have major implications in DFW & nationally

    In a perfect world, Muck Face takes a job covering Dead Horse, Alaska sports.
  7. Froglaw

    We should’ve hired Coach Prime

    My gawd son, are you okay? Do you have brain damage? Sonny beat the Big 10 champion. Lost to the best team in the NCAA. Coach Sanders beats a TCU team by 3 points after sending most of its key starters to the NFL. Now go back to the SMU board.
  8. Froglaw

    SMU fans aren't smart

    Not on the level of SMU and ATM. If I recall my history, and I do because I was an alumni at the time, SMU and ATM were cheating so blatantly, every SWC school except RICE, responded in kind. Baylor had its gas station, TCU had its pizza, etc, But SMU got the death penalty, ATM was denied an...
  9. Froglaw

    New TCU Shoes from HEYDUDE

    In my 7th grade you’d need a lot of school nursing care Just saying
  10. Froglaw

    SMU fans aren't smart

    of course, SMU was cheating in all 15 games. Series was cancelled by NCAA enforcement.
  11. Froglaw

    New TCU Shoes from HEYDUDE

    Those would get you beat up in 7th grade.
  12. Froglaw

    The last time we scored first against SMU at home

    SMU’s trick plays always work against us.
  13. Froglaw

    I'll say what everyone is thinking...

    Red and Blue IOU’s would be appropriate as well.
  14. Froglaw

    smu game attendees

    Have I mentioned how much I hate SMU?
  15. Froglaw

    Did anyone else miss the article on our game in the Sun. DMN?

    All DMN did was reprint the AP article. Lazy journalism.
  16. Froglaw

    How are we feeling about the Ponies?

    Have I mentioned I hate SMU lately.
  17. Froglaw

    Houston Chronicle: UH's first year in Big 12 could be a long one if loss to TCU is any indication

    Not disagreeing, just saying that some UH stayed home because the weather stunk on Saturday afternoon.