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  1. tcuwags

    CLINT: TCU fans during the Iron Skillet game

    More Jimmy Stewart when describing EB, please.
  2. tcuwags

    Fire Kendal Briles

    Probably time to put away the “R word”.
  3. tcuwags

    Am I missing anything?

    The radio feed in the men’s room was way too loud!
  4. tcuwags

    2023 Women's Soccer Thread

    Dang. That was a long-range missile.
  5. tcuwags

    Dear AD Donati

    Note to self ———-> do not ride elevator after game
  6. tcuwags

    The Athletic: Big 12 recruiting without Texas, OU could put league’s reputation in peril

    A subscription to the NYTimes gets you The Athletic for free. Enjoy both.
  7. tcuwags

    TCU at TECH 2015 What a game!

    I’ve told this on here before, but I’m going to tell it again. We were in the endzone where Green snagged the deflection right in front of us. As soon as Doctson was hit and the ball fluttered off, the Tech guy in front of me turned around and screamed in my face while flashing the Raider sign...
  8. tcuwags

    OT - Movies thread

    Just watched it tonight! “Serpentine, Shelly! Serpentine!”
  9. tcuwags

    SB Nation: Pepperdine transfer Jack Basseer commits to TCU

    We patched a pitching staff together all year. Next season? Barring injuries, it appears that we will be loaded on the hill.
  10. tcuwags

    Lupton upgrades?

    My parents wouldn’t let me stay home, so, as a huge nerd, I wore a jacket to junior high and brought my transistor radio. During study hall, I put my head down on the desk, folded up my jacket like a pillow and listened to the game on the radio under the jacket. Then after school I ran out the...
  11. tcuwags

    Lupton upgrades?

    Yes! My dad played football with him at Sul Ross. I got to meet him at the Astrodome when I was 11.
  12. tcuwags

    Lupton upgrades?

    Great story. One Sunday at church, I was talking to Roger Williams and I asked him about Norm Cash, my favorite ball player. He told me several stories, but the one that made my jaw drop was about when Cash would work out at TCU before Spring Training. He told me that during batting practice one...
  13. tcuwags

    Other Super Regionals

    I guess Southern Miss doesn’t have any more pitchers? One guy gives up 6 runs. Hits, walks, HBP, one mammoth HR. They were up 4-0. No más.
  14. tcuwags

    Lupton upgrades?

    Can’t remember where this was - one of the super sites. Maybe something similar. Seats down the first base line, but keep the right field party berm out there. It’s a fun spot when it’s packed.
  15. tcuwags

    Friday weather for Game 1 - HIGH 96°, Saturday weather HIGH 94°

    Great vibe out in right field. Friendly. Attentive. Encouraging to the purple team. Great day out there in the sun! Go Frogs!
  16. tcuwags

    Luken Baker Called Up By Hapless Cards

    Frogs seem to do well at Globe Life. Rangers sweep, but Baker goes deep.
  17. tcuwags

    22 inning game TCU - Sam Houston State. May 31, 2014.

    Seem to remember that as the game rolled on, the crowd kept getting bigger and rowdier as the bars emptied out and the patrons found their way to the game. What a night. What a morning!